Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rep. Anthony Weiner - the GOP is a wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance industry

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Anonymous said...

What a complete loser. And the Democratic party is a wholly owned subsidiary of trial lawyers, the unions and professional race hustlers.

The Angry Independent said...

Anon - I would definitely say that in many cases, the Dems have been too cozy with certain groups. But those groups are also diverse in their interests.... and those Congressmen/women tend to support initiatives that will bring money to their districts. Because of divergent interests among all these players... no one group completely controls the Democrats. (not suggesting that none are corrupt or corruptible...Many of them are... I really hate many of the Democrats too... i'm just pointing out that they are pulled in all sorts of different directions).

The relationship between Republicans and the insurance industry on the other hand (and with big business generally) is a different monster IMO. Here you have a clear nexus between the two. Weiner said what needed to be said... what others were scared to say.

And look at the way that they tried to shut him up. What happened to the right to free speech? I know the Congress has decorum, but I have seen Republicans get out of line without any sort of immediate correction. And Weiner was not really out of line, he was giving his view in the context of a debate about Healthcare. It was hypocritical to try to silence Weiner the way they did.... in a Country that is supposed to cherish freedom of expression. The World sees that and they think our principles are a joke.

When that jackass Joe Wilson disrupted the President.. THE PRESIDENT.... there was no immediate admonishment and correction. He had to be coaxed into apologizing later on. One man tells the truth during a legitimate debate (speaking in the proper forum) his viewpoint.. and he is forced to be quiet. Another man tells a lie while disrupting & dishonoring THE PRESIDENT in front of the entire World....(NOT in the proper forum to make his comments) and he barely gets a slap on the wrist. The jackass should have received a much more severe punishment.