Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Tweety actually being honest about Palin

Sometimes, the truth just has to come out. Watch this clip of Chris Matthews on Sarah Palin. I didn't know that Matthews was capable of this type of honesty.

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Nothing is more scary than an empty vessel in power.


rassia said...

Yeah, reality on television -- who knew?

Thanks for posting this.

Mod Lumpkin said...

First of all, I'm new to your blog and I'm enjoying thus far. I will disagree with you on Chris Matthews, I think he is one the few people on tv who will challenge BOTH sides of the coin. I will agree with you on Sarah Palin.The fact that this empty vessel(being nice)has all of these clueless idiots thinking she can actually run the country should be a wake up call.She is about as smart as my 7 year old daughter(no offense to my daughter).Maybe one day she'll go on a show(like Hardball) where someone can ask her questions she hasn't had 2 weeks to prepare for.

The Angry Independent said...

Beautiful! lol

It is definitely scary. A part of me hopes that she runs in 2012...but another part of me worries that with the stupid electorate we have in this Country.... she could accidentally win... (she could definitely get the Republican nomination)...just like George W. accidentally won, riding on the name of his father. I don't think we can afford another accident like that.