Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rescission - Why We Need a Public Option

NPR covers the real death panels that we already have... those that are run by private insurance companies. How do they do it? Through rescission....a process that allows insurance companies to abandon patients when they need coverage the most. Perhaps someone should inform Sarah Palin that we already have death panels...because she's obviously clueless.

Why isn't Obama telling these stories more often? Why won't he hold a national Town Hall on Healthcare Reform where he can highlight the real death panels, and dispel the Republican propaganda? The major networks have barely mentioned this issue. The fake death panel story put out by Right wing groups gets covered...but the fact that we have actual death panels right now hardly gets any attention from the major news networks. Unreal!

Also hear a story about what Canadians are saying about U.S. Healthcare Reform. Apparently, Canadians are bewildered about the way their Healthcare system has been characterized by Republicans. Again...the major U.S. news outlets aren't telling this story. Instead of sending investigative reporters into Canada to find out what is really going on.... to find out what the people really think about their Healthcare system, the lazy U.S. media chooses, time and time again, to use Right wing talking points as the baseline for any Healthcare debate. It has basically been accepted as fact in this Country (according to U.S. mainstream media) that the Canadian Healthcare system is far worse than the Healthcare system in the U.S.

Separate Fact from Fiction:

Dispel the Right Wing/Corporate propaganda about Healthcare by keeping track with fact checking websites such as Politifact and Factcheck.org.

Both sides get their information mixed up or bend the truth.... but the Republican spin machine simply has no shame.... they have been lying their asses off, especially on Healthcare...and their lies are so outlandish that it scares me that there are American citizens who have fallen for this stuff. A large portion of the American populace is incredibly uninformed.

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Hamster said...

The criticism that somehow a public option would put private insurance out of business is
We live in a country where public and private options have coexisted side by side for years…giving Americans more options.
Has the Post office put Fed Ex and UPS out of business? OF COURSE NOT
Do you see anyone out there picketing their local post office with placards reading "Down with this Socialist Institution". OF COURSE NOT
All of us...conservatives and liberals have used the public post office...and Fed Ex.
It just gives all Americans another choice of how we want to send our packages.
That’s good for everyone.
Also remember We have:
public education and private schools
public universities and private universities
public roads and toll roads
public transportation and private transportation
public property and private property
public libraries and private book stores.
pubic hospitals and private hospitals
medicare and private insurance
In every case the public option exists right alongside the private option
Rather than drive private options out of business, the public option
gives all Americans another choice

Time for a public option in health care insurance to give us ONE MORE CHOICE.