Thursday, August 20, 2009

Healthcare for me is a line in the sand

I have been criticized by some for taking such an ' anti-Obama' tone.

That, in the past few days, one could have been reading DailyKos, Firedoglake, or Open Left.

I believe healthcare is a RIGHT.



It is the CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUE of our time.

And Black folk are on the BOTTOM of healthcare.

Pretty much every disease out there, we top the list. Sure, some of it is genetics, part of it is lifestyle, but a great deal of it is LACK OF ACCESS TO QUALITY HEALTHCARE.

I'm serious about the PUBLIC OPTION.

NO, I don't believe that there should be FREE MARKET IN HEALTHCARE.


I laugh in disgust at the ignorant fools clowning at these townhalls, too stupid to understand that they are being PLAYED by the frauds that rounded them up.


You already have death panels.

Everyday, you could pick up a newspaper and find a story about someone that has been DENIED a possible life-saving medical procedure BY THE INSURANCE COMPANIES.

Death Panels exist..

though I don't believe I've ever come across one of those stories telling me that MEDICARE has denied one of those procedures.

NO, I don't believe THIS White House has fought FOR a Public Option. They've been half-assed, mamby pamby, saying the ' right' things, but never putting any teeth. Getting deja vu all over how they sat on their asses, and never called up the 'troops' to fight for MAIN STREET in the TARP bailout of the banks, or trying to hold the credit card companies TRULY responsible to the consumer [the bill passed was watered down bullshyt]. BUT, the President got his pretty signing ceremony at the WHITE HOUSE, so I guess that's all that's important.


They're so used to running over progressives, and telling them that they don't have anywhere to go, that they are seriously misunderstanding the tenor out there.


WTF else in his AGENDA is more important than HEALTHCARE?

I watch and read the 'knowledgeable' people about how things are done 'incrementally' in Washington, and then they have the nerve to bring up SOCIAL SECURITY. There was Bill Maher on Rachel Maddow's show, about how, when Social Security was implemented, they left out all sort of 'classes' of workers. Workers that were DENIED the opportunity - FOR YEARS - to pay into the Social Security system....

guess why?

those classes of workers were mainly occupations where BLACK FOLK WERE. It was put in there BY SOUTHERN DEMOCRATS, whose racist asses didn't want Black folk to have access to the government entities in which they were entitled by being American Citizens.

OH YES, over time, those 'classes' of workers were added, but only after those folks had lost years, sometimes DECADES of paying into Social Security - and who paid for it - OUR ELDERS, who saw, at the latter end of their lives, living on a PITTANCE because they were robbed.

The highest proportion of the uninsured in this country are BLACK FOLKS.

I'm sorry, but no dice for any 'incrementalism' born on the backs of BLACK FOLKS. We all know someone who has either had NO access to healthcare, had rotten insurance, lost their insurance when they needed it the most. There are no 6 degrees of separation for us when it comes to healthcare and the NEGATIVE impact it has had on the Black Community.


Harry Truman became President in 1945.
It's 2009.


Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's just rain. I can see. I can read. And, I sure in hell understand English. And nobody will convince me that this WHITE HOUSE is fighting FOR THE PUBLIC OPTION.

ptcruiser wrote, I think,
there is a big difference between someone who FIGHTS FOR SOMETHING AND LOSES...

versus someone who has SOLD YOU OUT and then thinks that you're too stupid to realize it, and insults you further by telling you that you can't believe your own eyes and ears.

the first one is someone you can back down the road on another issue.
the second one better not send me an email or snail mail for SHYT, cause I will be done with them.

I got news for The White mofos ain't that slick.


IF the President expects someone to have HIS back, then he sure in hell better step up to the plate have the backs of the 47 million uninsured in this country, cause from where I am, he's letting them twist in the wind.

Progressives aren't some dog that you can kick at will.

Eventually, that dog will bite back.

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Anonymous said...

Now your talking. You have every right to see through this bull crap that this administration is trying pull over the eyes of the american people. You are being criticize because you see through the bull! People seem to take ofense when the annoited one is spoken against. To that I say, GET OVER IT!