Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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VERB said...

"See, dis what I'dda did..."

I hate to have to play Monday morning quarterback, but... I guess I give the Obama administration way too much credit. I would've thought that they would have used former (health insurance) execs-turned-whistleblowers like Wendell Potter and Linda Peeno to assist with the presentation of why a public option is so very needed. There are many tactics that could've been implemented to help win the confidence of voters. How could they have misjudged the handling of presenting this very vital issue to Americans, especially knowing that the GOP would pounce? Was it sheer arrogance or what?

In an interview with Wolf Blitzer, Bill Maher said that Americans are stupid. Hmm.... Love him or hate him and despite that he brushed Americans with a broad stroke (M.O.A. is a wonderful argument), Maher is right. It's amplified when "real Americans" carry weapons to protests. And not just any protest -- protests against insurance insurance for not only the poor, but those who are denied because of pre-existing conditions. Ya know, when I came out of high school, I was naive and thought everyone was raised like I was. Then after going away to U of I@Champaign for school, I realized that wasn't true. It so rudely dawned on Me that most people are sheep and independent thought isn't widely encouraged as it had been in My home. Fast forward to 2009, and I'm STILL freakin' amazed. This time not only by the lack of independent thought among Americans, but also the lack of humanity as well. The coldness of some voters is absolutely staggering.

It's a very sad commentary when so many people are against the simple gesture of making sure their fellow citizens have access to affordable health insurance. I've been shaking My head so much in bewilderment and disgust that I'm going to need brain surgery. Oh wait, will insurance cover that?