Thursday, August 20, 2009

I love a good smackdown


I am not Star Jones said...

I don't know why Maria Bartiromo pretends like she's knowledgeable about health care.

She's like a drunk at a bar, raving about how America is #1 in everything.

Why do journalists feel its their job to be cheerleaders for America?

VERB said...

As mentioned, this is all about semantics. The entire issue should have been labeled 'health insurance reform' from the jump. I know I can be nitpicky sometimes but it's all in how W/we say things. I noticed Obama using that verbiage just recently.

BTW, I'm glad that the Obama admin finally decided that bringing in religious organizations was the way to go. Making this a moral issue holds feet to the fire, esp the feet of those Bible-toting, holier than thou Conservatives. I really wanna see them weasel their way around this as an issue of morality. I wonder if that was the plan from the beginning -- to get the Repubs all riled up and spitting, snarling, gun-toting mad, then throw reform at them a a moral issue. It would be be genius if that was the plan all along, or did religious leaders save their drowning asses?

Anonymous said...

Maria Bartiromo knows what she is talking about. She is an American and so she feels that America needs to be defended when it comes to health care in America. I am amazed by people who think they want something different. Tell me again what makes this country different than the rest?