Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gotta love Ed Schultz's passion on this


VERB said...

background noise: Dr. Dean, Dr. Dean. Paging Dr. Howard Dean. We have a code red: Obama's spine.

Rikyrah, Ed Schultz put it down. Obama's got to man-up -- NOW! It's do or die, esp with 2010 being an election year and he may never get health insurance reform passed. If Obama caves on this, not only will Repubs claim victory, but he will have disappointed the amazing number of young voters who were finally excited about politics and participated in the process.

And ya know what's funny about this? If Obama caves, not only will Repubs win again, but they'll also use this very issue to point out how weak he is as a leader in the next presidential election, urging citizens to vote for someone who doesn't easily give in to pressure. I know them like I know My name.

rikyrah said...

I respect Ed for his stance, and keeping his spine. He's fabulous on this issue and no matter what happens, Ed has been amazing on this.

VERB said...

I know, right. Ed is definitely bringing the pain.