Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Republican Right Wing Nuttery Encouraging More Extremism

Another potential right wing terrorist has been arrested. This time it was a Woman, Nancy Genovese, from New York. Genovese apparently had an arsenal and was preparing to use it. Her target was an Air National Guard Base in the Hamptons. Luckily, she was apprehended before she could do any harm.

What drove her to this? What inspired her? Do I really have to ask?

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What I want to know is when will the FCC and the Justice Department intervene to stop some of this madness? When will the government act to stem the propaganda that is feeding this kind of domestic terrorism? Because if it is ignored...it is only going to get worse. These right wing extremists, and those who are inspiring them (Glenn Beck et al) aren't going to stop spreading lies and propaganda that whips up hatred and paves the way for violence, with their coded language that they know their followers will act on. They simply aren't going to stop voluntarily. How long is the government going to wait?

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