Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Right Wing Conservative Loonies and Their Conspiracy Theories

"Birther Movement" follower hijacks Town Hall Meeting held by Congressman Mike Castle (R-DE).

Chris Matthews takes on Birther Movement Congressman John Campbell

Is there anyone still not convinced that we are dealing with lunatics?

The "Birthers" can't seem to leave the Obama Birth Certificate Conspiracy Theory alone. In fact, thanks to Talk Radio and Faux News, the Birth Certificate nonsense has only grown over the last few months. Republican mouthpiece Jerome Corsi is now taking this propaganda to other Countries. He was recently in Israel for radio interviews...undermining President Obama, and painting a false picture of him for the people of Israel and for listeners throughout the Middle East. It's almost Treason.

To make matters worse, this nonsense has been given more legitimacy in recent weeks, with members of Congress getting behind the "Birthers" (and securing votes from the wacky conservatives who make up their political base back home). Republican Congressmen John Campbell and Bill Posey are pushing a Bill that would require Presidential candidates to provide proof of Citizenship (a step in the vetting process that already this is all BS political theater for Campbell and Posey. They are using this as a way to manipulate voters in their Conservative districts).

But what is this really all about? This isn't really about a birth certificate. Nor is it a genuine question of citizenship. These are excuses and distractions being used to hide the real issue. Those of us who are Black Americans know exactly what this is about. Let's just get to the real heart of the matter. President Obama's birth certificate is only an issue because he's Black (or biracial as some see him... including myself...but for the purpose of this discussion... we'll say he's Black)....and he has a Mideastern Middle name (and to some degree because his father was a Muslim). But race and American bigotry and xenophobia are really the heart of this issue.

If he happened to be a White man with a funny name....and especially if he were White and Republican, his birth certificate would not be much of a problem. The whole "Birther movement" is what America looks like when it wants to dodge the real issue.... in this case... the issue being dodged is race. I would rather have these gullible White Republican racists just come out and say what's really bothering them... what really scares them.

What this issue also highlights is the power of Right Wing Republican Talk Radio (where the so-called "Birther movement" got its start). Mainstream Republican talk show hosts helped to create and feed this beast.... and now the beast is threatening to consume those who created it. It's the same way that we ended up with Jim Adkisson, Scott Roeder, Hal Turner, and James Von Brunn....and it's the reason why Right Wing Republican media is so dangerous.

But I have to admit...I have gotten a chuckle or two in (you have to laugh to keep from crying). Watching these wackos as they are exposed...and embarrassed in the national media has been amusing. The youtube political vlog, The Young Turks, has been having a field day with this craziness, and so has CNN's Rick Sanchez.

But even when faced with reality...the loonies won't stop crawling out of the woodwork with this nonsense. The hits just keep on coming.


rikyrah said...


I just came to post these videos. when I saw them, it was


these people are fucking crazy.

and, they wouldn't have said SHIT if McCain had won..

and his ass was BORN IN PANAMA

solerso said...

I am a middle aged white man who voted for Pres. Obama, and at this point and i dont see voting for anyone else in 2012. i dont like to cry racism ( though it is still an endemic problem), but i'm convinced that is the SOLE motivation of these "birther" nuts. the are of a character type that wont allow them to reject authority easily, so they have cooked up a way to deny that Barrak Obama is THEIR president too, by claming he is not really "allowed" to be president. Of course in their world no black man would EVER be allowed to be president. It will probably enter the mythical land of "Hangar 13" the American conspiracy hall of fame.. Unfortunately. It should be discussed by rational people of good will for what it is; a trip into unreality brought on by the unwillingness of a part of the white poulation, to accept the reality of Americas first Black president