Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Michael Jackson Memorial

See Video Page

(from the youtube page, click on "see all" in the right column...for full list of video segments).


The Angry Independent said...


Instead of having so many embedded videos in one posting, I provided a single link to a video page. There are several youtube vids that folks could find if they are are interested. There is probably a full video posted as well.

Too many videos makes the blog load incredibly slow.... especially for those with older computers (my computer crashed trying to load the page).

And to be honest... the media has been in MJ overkill over the past week +. Hopefully the circus is over. It's been too much for me.
I'm someone who loved the first half of MJ's career... idolized him at one point (grew up with Michael and know his work and the significance and so forth). But the excess coverage probably didn't do him any good. I won't get into a debate about that... just wanted to break my silence I guess. I wrote a million page MJ post last week...but decided to trash it because the coverage was already in overkill.

As for the memorial. I watched about 4 or 5 full minutes of the program. When they announced the Celebrity guest list earlier in the day it almost made me sick. I knew then that I wouldn't be watching the program. All of the usual suspects...all of the Hollywood and Black Hollywood folks who I pretty much hate were scheduled to take part. Akon, Chris Brown (wth?).... and on and on... and of course Civil Rights Inc. had to be there too...(with the idiotic news commentators saying that the event showed that Sharpton was the leader of Black people.... Someone needs to strangle these damn fools... I wanted to reach through my TV to do exactly that).

I don't care for Usher or Mariah Carey either.

The only celeb guests there that I enjoy/respect were probably Smokey Robinson and Stevie.

So I basically decided not to watch the circus. I watched the FBI Files and The Learning Channel instead, lol.

rikyrah said...

I understand, AI. I just thought folks might want to see the Memorial. No problem.

The Angry Independent said...

They can still see it... I posted a link to a youtuber who has everything arranged pretty nicely.... just easier that way.

I appreciate all your posting.