Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fruitcake Michelle Malkin Claims Obama Runs Culture of Corruption - Attacks Michelle Obama Too

On NBC's Today Show she claimed that Michelle Obama made it thanks to racial quotas (in other words... she was never qualified for anything).

My question is... why does the national media give these crazies a platform to spew this poison? Legitimate opinionated Progressives can't get on the airwaves...but Conservative loons are on all day and night...on both TV and Radio. There is no shortage of them. It's amazing.

This is why Progressives need to own their own networks...from top to bottom.

While it's true that Obama has surrounded himself with questionable characters...indeed cronies (I myself have criticized this), I don't think there is any comparison to Republicans when it comes to corruption. As bad as Obama's staff and Cabinet choices are, and as much of a walking contradiction he is on the issue of "insiders", his Administration is light years away from the cronyism and corruption that we witnessed under the Bush-Cheney Administration. It's not even apples and oranges. But Rethugs have to use propaganda to sell books (and the national media always willfully helps to peddle this stuff... it's poisoning the Country).

She also states that Obama is ruining the economy, lol. Uhhhh, earth to Michelle Malkin... the last Republican Administration, with the help of their allies in big business and on Wall Street, already ruined the economy long before Obama became President. I guess she had blinders on during the last few years of the Bush Administration. There is no possible way that she could believe her own nonsense.... instead what she is trying to do is take advantage of the American public's short and fickle memory... to trick folks into believing that the bad economy is Obama's fault. Malkin and her fellow Republican spinsters are of course glossing over the fact that Obama inherited an economy in severe recession and in some respects in a depression. Or the fact that the recession began in December of 2007.

What's scary is that this Right Wing propaganda campaign is actually starting to gain traction. More proof that the nation's education system needs an overhaul (I have been saying this for years). With an American public this clueless and gullible.... this Country is in serious trouble.


Andre said...

God, between her and Sarah Palin, there is so much wasted hottiness on these lunatics. Such a shame.

rikyrah said...

why does she always look insane in whatever video is shown of her

Liberal Arts Dude said...

Ugh. Michelle Malkin accusing someone of being a "racial opportunist" -- that's quite a statement to make. Being a pretty Asian-American who spouts extreme right-wing views to pander to a largely male, white, rabidly anti-Obama and anti-liberal audience seems to be quite profitable even if such views end up harming the interests of Asian Americans and other minority interests.

The Angry Independent said...


I don't think she considers herself a minority... she thinks of herself as White.

I recall reading an article a few years ago that indicated that she wasn't too fond of her Asian roots. How true that is... I don't know... but it appears that she identifies as White (or at least thinks she is in her mind).

Little does she know... that the same radical Right wing tea baggers who she supports would consider her to be not so "pure" and would call her Un-American behind closed doors. They would even tell her to go back to her own Country (even though she's American).

One of these days racism is going to pay this woman a visit. There is no way that you can live in a pit full of racist snakes and not get bitten eventually. And when it happens, I hope she has an awakening. But then again... I have my doubts that it would be a wake up call for her... because she is convinced that she's White and has been accepted by the group of right wing racists who she is aligned with. She has probably already had a few racist moments...and failed to have any sort of awakening... because her mind is so distorted.

The Angry Independent said...

"why does she always look insane in whatever video is shown of her"

Because I think she might be a little off... I really do. Just watch her mannerisms...and listen to the nonsense that she bases her opinions on.

The Angry Independent said...


I don't really find either one to be that hot.

I pretty much have an Asian fetish (confessional...not really a fetish though) have had one since I was probably 5 years old.... but Malkin doesn't do anything for me. Her mouth ruins everything.


Liberal Arts Dude said...

Yikes! Careful what you confess in the internets AI, about fetishes of any kind. It's hard to live down a reputation in the age of permalinks :-)