Tuesday, July 07, 2009

No Signs Yet That Republicans Plan to Give Up Racism

It looks like the next generation of Republican leaders are no less bigoted than the current leadership. Yippeee... I guess we can look forward to 25 more years of this stuff from political "leaders".

I guess the Republican makeover never reached the future leaders of the Party.

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Andre said...

...and the GOP wonders why they can't seem to black folks to roll with them.

Conservatives KEEP missing terrific opportunities to lure some of the black vote when they pull stunts like this. The thing is: they are continuously driving a wedge, when they don't have to. After all, many blacks (especially the church going crowd) tend to at the very least share their social conservatism. But when this racist mess keeps surfacing, they keep dipping lower and lower on black people's popularity scales.

George W. Bush, of all people, could teach the GOP a thing or two about attracting just the right amount of black people to do some damage politically.