Friday, July 10, 2009

Republicans Will Use Any Reason to Make Up a Scandal

Obama has been accused of ogling a young woman during his G-8 trip.... I will not bother posting the photo on this blog.

But once again, it turns out that there is no scandal afterall. Photos can be deceiving, especially when they already fit the pre-packaged narrative of those who are seeking to create a controversy for political gain.

I initially thought nothing of the photo that was floating around. Even if he were looking... I thought to myself- "No big deal". "He's a red blooded, strong, normal healthy man". But today, I noticed that the commentary had turned more nefarious. By this afternoon.... Obama was being described as a sexual predator. (It fits the image that Whites, especially White Conservatives, already have of Black convenient).

How evil and toxic can the U.S. political climate get? I should probably be afraid to ask that question.... because whenever I do... a higher power always seems to show me an ugly that always seems to top the previous ugly event.

I'm sure I will hear something later today on the radio (I listen at work) about "the photo". We have 3 very Pro-Republican/Conservative radio stations in St. Louis that carry the Right Wing message.... and they are anti-Obama all the way. They are KMOX 1120 AM, KTRS 550 AM, and KFTK 97.1 FM. I listen just to get an idea of what arguments Republicans are using to attack Progressives and Progressive policies. I'm sure this will be a subject of discussion over the weekend for at least one of them.

It shows how desperate some folks are for a scandal. This is what happens when you have a political party that has no plans of its own for the Country (except that they hope the Country fails).

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