Saturday, July 11, 2009

President Obama's Speech to the Parliament of Ghana

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Paul I. Adujie aka I LOVE NIGERIA! said...

Obama Talks Shallow Simplistic Rubbish, Scolds & Lectured Africans As Expected!
Written by Paul I. Adujie
New York, United States

...Better yet, Obama could have attended an African Union summit and engage all African leaders in brotherly conversation and corralled them on how to press the reset button on democracy, good governance, institutional reforms, prosperity and advancement on the continent, instead, Obama chose the simplistic and voyeuristic public shaming and ridiculing of Africans, as if he was a member of the Klu Klux Klan and that is what some are courageously spinning and labeling tough love? I am dismayed!

Anyone can say, arguably, that democracy is not perfect in Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria and indeed, the rest of the world! I make bold to say that the imperfect democracy in Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria, is better day compared with the non existence democracy night in say, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. When was the last election in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait? And when is the next election in both nations? Is Obama shunning these nations? Why isn’t he? Looking at Obama, I can now say that the beautiful ones are not yet born!

Paul I. Adujie aka I LOVE NIGERIA! said...

African Americans Experience And Lessons For Africans & Caribbean Immigrants Etc


Against all odds, African Americans have reinvented themselves and remolded the world

through perseverance, creativity and superb intellect. It is almost taken for granted these

days that life is good for African Americans in the United States. This is assumed, even

though life is still full of racial impediments and obstacles for a majority of African

Americans. But so much have been achieved through persistent dodged efforts and tenacity of

African Americans. African Americans exemplify prodigious endurance.

It is crucially important that the world does not forget or gloss over the Herculean tasks

it have been on the part of African Americans, who through sweat, tears and blood, have

remade, re-engineered and reconfigured America for America, for the world, for immigrants of

all races, but in particular, for all minorities, then continental African immigrants and

other immigrants of African descent. All those who come to America ought feel and see this...