Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gov. Mark Sanford Abandons State for Mistress

So after all the lying and misleading with phony stories about hiking in the Appalachian Mountains, Mark Sanford has been forced to publicly admit his affair.
"Mr. Religious"...and "Mr. I'm not going to provide my citizens with stimulus money to keep food on their tables" has been creeping on his wife.

If he wants to creep around on his wife...that's fine. But what leaves me scratching my head is the fact that he practically abandoned his State in order to do his creeping around. He abandoned his responsibilities as Governor. Apparently this wasn't the only time he has done so.

How could he leave the State as Governor and not fully inform the Lt. Governor and the leadership in his legislature? This is especially shocking in this post Sept. 11th World we live in. It's ironic because these Republicans, especially Republican Governors, are always invoking 9/11 and touting their leadership responsibilities.

I should have known Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow were on to something when they kept sniffing around on this. You don't have to be a bloodhound to pick up on the odor of Bull----.

He's resigned as the chairman of the Republican Governors Assoc. .... hopefully he'll resign as Governor next. It's enough that he tried to starve his own people. It's also enough that he's a religious hypocrite. But now he has abandoned his State and his responsibilities as Governor.

From Rikyrah:
You tell your wife 5 MONTHS AGO, and you're still messing around?


If MY husband steps to me with ' I'm having an affair'

the next sentence better be
a) it's over with HER and I want to work things out with YOU


b) I believe OUR marriage is over, because I want to be with HER.

The ' I dunno, and I'll hump her for a few more months while I make up my mind' is NOT an option.

He only ' confessed' BECAUSE HE WAS CAUGHT!

Follow the many other ' trips' did he take like this...and how many were on the public's dime?

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Andre said...

I'm with you AI. The only time I'm especially critical of infidelity is when it's done by somebody hypocritically touting family values and the "sanctity of marriage" while doing something different. Otherwise, I'd still see it messed up, but not pressing enough to warrant my attention (i.e. even the Clinton Lewinsky affair wasn't particularly interesting to me). But between Gov. Sanford, Sen. Ensign, Sen. Craig, and others who have built platforms on certain kinds of conservatism, stories like this take on new meaning. Adding Sanford's fiscal irresponsibility to his constituents makes this even sadder.