Thursday, June 18, 2009

More Republican Racism Aimed At Obama

Over the weekend a South Carolina GOP operative was caught disparaging the First Lady... now we have a GOP'er from Tennessee who was caught spreading racist e-mail about President Obama. Tennessee, South Carolina.....add all the other incidents, and a clear pattern emerges. The majority of this lunacy comes from the South, which happens to be the geographical core of the Republican base.

With all the nonsense that we are catching by accident, it begs the question... how much of this isn't being caught? I mean... if we are running across something every week or every few days about the racism that we weren't supposed to see.... then the amount of sickness that goes on behind closed doors...that we aren't seeing has to be pretty damn massive.


Andre said...

I'm on the fence with this one. I received this same image from a friend of mine who thought it conveyed a message that Obama was hiding; keeping himself concealed from the legions of loons out there.

Unless the image is trying to mirror some of the imagary found in racist cartoons I've seen, I honestly don't know that the image means. Perhaps somebody can elighten me a bit. I'm not being trite here. I HONESTLY don't understand the symbolism.

But, what DID annoy me was the aide's admission that she sent the image to the "wrong" people. After repeatedly being asked for clarification, she maintained that statement. WTF?!

So, am I to believe that if she sent it to the "right" people, things would be acceptable somehow? The more I try to understand Republicans, the more my head hurts.

rikyrah said...

they are who we thought they were. They can't help themselves, these racist mofos.