Sunday, June 07, 2009

Webster University Commencement Photos

Found some great photos from this years Webster commencement (couldn't find video).

I regret not going to my commencement. I just hate the idea of being around so many people for 2 hours... Although I did manage to go to my first commencement, for the Bachelors degree.

But it's something that you shouldn't skip. If you have the opportunity, take it.

I plan to go to my next one...

Usually the graduation is held at the dome in downtown St. Louis. This year, they chose to hold the ceremony the Muny Theater in Forest Park.

See the full photo Gallery.

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Andre said...

I generally have an aversion to commencements. There is something about long and drawn out ceremonies with speakers droning on about nonsense that makes me cringe. I went to two of my commencements and skipped one. Unlike you, I regret the ones I didn't skip.

But I had a back up plan at both of the commencements I attended. For undergrad, I snuck a handheld TV in and a few of us watched a basketball game (it was the playoffs). I skipped out of my second bachelor's commencement, but for my Master's commencement, a friend and I played Monopoly on my PDA. It makes the three hours go by much faster.

Whether or not you attend your graduation, congratulations on your success! That's the most important part.