Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Did Another Terrorist Attack Go Under the Radar?

Did we have another terrorist attack by Republican Right Wing extremists?

Apparently illegal immigration activist leader Shawna Forde has been charged in connection with a double murder in Arizona (including the Cold blooded killing of a child). Was this a terrorist attack made to look like a home invasion robbery? Or was the crime intended to fuel more extremist activity? Either way... this was a deplorable act. I'm sure her feelings towards Hispanics (the dehumanization of them) probably made it easier for her to be involved in this crime (if she's in fact guilty).

Why hasn't Faux News been reporting this story day and night? The same goes for the other big networks. This didn't get nearly as much airtime as the story about Obama taking his wife to dinner....or the latest antics from someone in Hollywood.

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