Thursday, October 02, 2008

Witness in Troopergate Scandal Agrees To Talk - Palin Reportedly Implicated!

A witness in the Troopergate scandal has finally agreed to talk to investigators, according to Jason Leopold. The brave witness is Ms. Murlene Wilkes. Wilkes owns the company Harbor Adjustment Service, which was under contract to handle workers compensation claims for the State of Alaska.

Leopold reports that Wilkes’ Company was indeed encouraged, solicited, and put under pressure by the Palin’s to deny the workers compensation claim of Alaska Trooper Mike Wooten.

If that's not enough of a bombshell, the Washington Post is reporting that a private e-mail account belonging to Palin, which was never disclosed to investigators, has now been discovered. This account was likely used by Palin as a way to get around using the States official system when she wanted to communicate with a select group of government employees and confidants. This may explain the lack of a paper trail (or e-mail trail) that investigators noticed earlier in the case. This seems so Bush-esqe to me.

From the Washington Post:

Gov. Sarah Palin maintained a private e-mail account that she used to communicate with a small circle of staff members outside the state government's secure official e-mail system, according to the Wasilla company that established the site.
The account was separate from the Yahoo e-mail address that was abruptly abandoned by the McCain campaign on Sept. 17, the day hackers penetrated the account and posted pages from it on the Internet. Palin had routinely used her Yahoo address for state business.

Quentin Algood, the owner of ITS Alaska, said a discreet e-mail system was created from an old campaign account, with access confined to "a group of people, her closest confidants and co-workers and advisers and the person she sleeps with."

So can we add more counts of obstruction, conspiracy & evidence tampering to the list of all the other offenses? And will the State Legislature have the guts to take any real action on this? Highly unlikely.

But the Republican machine never takes a break from its wickedness. Just as the investigation is gaining steam and as more incriminating information is coming to light, it’s no surprise that Republicans are working like Hell to end the probe… Republican attorneys are asking a State Judge to put a halt to the investigation. But I don’t see how the Courts have jurisdiction to end an investigation being handled by the State legislature. But then again, Republicans are often able to not only write the rules but they can rewrite the rules in the middle of the game. So anything is possible. If Alaska is as corrupt as most other States in this Country, I am sure that the Judge is somehow connected to the politicians involved in the case, and can therefore be influenced.


I am not Star Jones said...

cannot wait for the testimony. Wonder how Sarah Six Pack is going to rationalize this?

rikyrah said...

when faced with lying to the guvmint, only the bold or well paid off actually do. regular folks realize which way is up

The Angry Independent said...

More good news...

It appears that the State Judge has thrown out the lawsuit by the Rethugs aimed at ending the investigation... so the investigation will go on as planned. (the investigators report is supposed to come out on Oct. 10th...but that might be pushed back with all this new info coming to light recently).

The case was thrown out for the reasons I suspected... the Court has no jurisdiction over what the legislative branch is doing, as long as those actions are within the scope of the legislature. That's Government 101. The idea that the Rethugs thought that the courts could stop a legislative action is just silly, and it shows how crazy these people are. Ironically, on the Federal level, they are always preaching about activist judges not staying in their lane....encroaching on the authority and jurisdiction of Congress. But in this case, they wanted to encourage it (when it would benefit their political agenda). That's an incredible irony that I thought I'd throw out there.

I will post an article if I find the time....