Thursday, October 02, 2008

Idiot Elisabeth Hasselbeck Repeats Lie About Palin's Commander-In-Chief Credentials

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the young Conservative panelist on The View, has just repeated the lie (debunked some time ago) that Sarah Palin is the Commander of the States National Guard in a time of War - implying that Palin is responsible for leading troops in the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I explained on this blog how this was simply untrue, and I pointed out what the role of a Governor was in the military's National Guard system. The lie has already been debunked by military commanders. I won't repeat myself on that...since that lie died a quick death about 2-3 weeks ago.

But I just want to know, why are airheads like Hasselbeck allowed on major network television? I don't know that much about this woman, because I am not a fan of The View. What qualifies her to be on a national talk show? Other than being attractive, I really don't understand it. Is that the only requirement for having access to such a major pulpit... attractiveness? So any attractive idiot can have a TV show? This is why I don't watch much Television, especially network TV.

When I saw the clip of this story on CNN, I was annoyed by the fact that someone so ignorant could be on a major TV show and could potentially shape the opinions of millions of Americans. It's not surprising, because I know that entertainment TV is full of idiots, but I do find it annoying.

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Deb said...

Thanks for writing this post. It is very refreshing to see facts debunking the lies of the ignorant. I watch The View daily just to see what the moron Hasselbeck has to say, and to see just how stupid one human being can be.

I wish you would watch it more often, just so that you could debunk more of the lies Hasselbeck spews on the show. Whoopi and Joy, and even Sherri and Barbara try to correct Elisabeth's mistakes/lies during the show, but they need more ammunition.

Thanks again for the great post.