Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tiffany Jones and The Mulatto Diaries

Discussions About Race In America

Being the intellectual voyeur that I am, I recently stumbled across the video Diaries of Tiffany Jones, a biracial actress/performer who lives in New York City. In her vlogs or Diaries, she tackles the issue of race in America from the mixed/biracial perspective.

The internal struggle with racial identity that she talks about reminds me of my own. I've always had to deal with the identity problem. Dubois was a genius...way ahead of his time. Jones is the perfect example of the "two-ness" that Dubois wrote about in The Souls of Black Folk (two Souls, etc)...although in the case of mixed raced people...the issue of Black and White or whatever the mixture happens to be has to be thrown in there as well. But the concept is similar.

Jones takes it to a different place by arguing that there shouldn't be two Souls, two worlds, code switching, etc.... there should just be one Soul, one world, that encompasses a variety of cultural/ethnic differences, and they should co-exist harmoniously. People shouldn't have to choose.... they should simply be who they are...whomever they want to be. People's race/cultural identity shouldn't be defined by others....or at least people shouldn't allow others to define them. But I still believe that Dubois was on the mark almost a Century ago...because the "two-ness" and two Souls struggles keeps coming up.

Will we really ever reach a point where people won't be defined by race? Will there ever come a time when multi-racial people won't have to choose?

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Anonymous said...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In my opinion, so is one's identity. I always think back to the book, that didn't change my life but crystallized what felt at an elementary level, Race Matters by Dr. Cornell West. In it he talks about "elevating ones view." Not using the long excepted view on race that the racist white used to define the playing field years ago.

Having a drop of blood according to that way of thinking made you black, period. Unfortunately our ppl. still treat themselves to this poisonous fruit off that racist tree.

I wish this lady luck. But I truly believe the answers in how we see ourselves, not how someones myopic, skewed view identifies us.