Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I Registered To Vote Yesterday!

Not only that.... but I also volunteered for the Obama Campaign. I will be working on election day.

I don't think any one of you understands how earth-shattering this development is... I will try to explain and put this in context later. But in short... It goes against my philosophy about American politics...and against everything that I have grown to believe. I'll admit that this is mostly symbolic....and I will return to my beliefs after this election.... but still (even as a symbolic gesture) it represents a sea change for me. It's like the Sun no longer rising in the East.... it's huge!

And hopefully... Missouri will be delivered for Obama on Nov. 4th... in fact i'm more confident it will be. If Obama can go into election night within 1-3% points of McCain, he will have a chance. Obama can lose in most of the States Counties, but can still win the State (narrowly), by winning Kansas City, Jackson County, St. Louis City, and St. Louis County. These areas hold about 3/5ths of the States population, and will provide Obama with tens of thousands of votes. And these areas always deliver their vote totals late... (Missouri is always a tough State for the National Media to call, because they just don't know how the voting is counted here). This is how the last 2 Democratic Governors were elected.... (with vote totals coming in late into the night)....In fact, Senator McCaskill had a Truman/Dewey moment with the national media getting it wrong.

If Obama is down by 50,000-70,000 or so votes before the big metro areas are counted, he may have a chance to win. Our Attorney General, Jay Nixon (who will easily win the Governorship) may also help Obama.... but I have to say... race is a huge issue in this State. When it comes to voting, Missouri is more like Alabama or Georgia than a modern Midwestern State, unfortunately. Split voting is quite common here....(voters choosing a Dem Governor...and a Republican for the Presidency). This year may result in a big split in the voting here in Missouri.

I'll try to explain more about the sea change later...


rikyrah said...

I'm thrilled to hear this. We need all hands on deck, AI.
And yes, I'm worried about Missouri.

Andre said...

Congrats AI.

Like you, the political system often makes me wonder "What's the use?" when it comes to showing up at the polls. But then I think about the folks who came before me who struggled for the same opportunity many of us skip out on. Then I think about the brothers and sisters in other parts of the world who are being killed for trying to vote; when meanwhile, all I have to worry about is whether or not I brought my ID. Those realities drag me out to the polls even in the face of the political bulls**t out there.

Good move, dawg.