Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This spoke to, I bring it to you

Sometimes, I come across things that are just so on point and speak to me, I would like to share them.

This is a reply from the blog on The Field:

Michelle, on April 23rd, 2008 at 12:44 pm Said:

It is spectacularly obvious to me that system-level racism/white supremacy is playing a core role in the dynamics of the Democratic nomination process. This is not a surprise, since this nation itself is built on white supremacy (literally and otherwise).

I am not talking about “those people” (white working class people who all other white people like to project the collective racism onto). I am talking about the larger dynamics and groups, including the media and including the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party, in particular its uncommitted superdelegates and any other party leadership passively or actively allowing this insanity, is supporting and encouraging systemic racism/white supremacy.

The Party allows its Black frontrunner to essentially fend for himself while the campaign of a white “Democrat” (who sometimes acts like a Republican), obviously gliding around on white privilege, continually moves the goalposts of what he has to “prove” to show himself *worthy* of being the nominee. Because in the underlying logics of white supremacy, she is automatically by default worthy in her whiteness, and he is by default suspect and less-than and unworthy, and he has to prove otherwise by insane standards.

And of course Clinton’s campaign and its supporters are supporting and encouraging systemic racism/white supremacy in various ways, including but not limited to when they push the line that white working class voters are more important than Black voters (because even though they don’t say the second part out loud, it is obvious in its implications).

All these efforts to make Senator Obama show that he is not foreign, not dangerous, not angry …. all these efforts to tie him to scary dangerous symbolically shadow figures (in addition to the demonization of Dr. Wright, it’s ooooh Weatherguy scary, “do we really know Obama,” etc)– systemic racism/white supremacy in action. And of course the more obvious stuff that everyone has also heard about. Bill Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro and all that.

The dynamics of the Democratic nomination “struggle” are systemic racism/white supremacy at work. I hold the Democratic Party just as responsible as any other part of it, if not more.

This situation vividly demonstrates the way that racism/white supremacy functions to protect the corruption and sickness in this country from any hint of substantial change.

I don’t say any of this because I want to argue about it — I really seriously do not. I also do not want to argue about the words I use — I choose racism and white supremacy and white privilege very deliberately, because they are the closest words I have to accurately describe what I see right in front of me.

This is what I see, it is clear as day right in front of me. I have seen it over and over and over in this campaign (and in the history and operation of this nation) and it’s just that today, I’m tired in a particular way.

Nothing I am saying here is new or insightful. Truly. I’m just tired.

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Anonymous said...

From Blacks4Barack...Regarding NEW STRATEGY !
CALL TODAY !!! Stress THE FACTS to DNC & SuperDelegates !(FACT IS: Clinton Has Lost ENTIRE BLACK VOTE !)

It is absolutely amazing how the media is spinning the Clinton victory in Pennsylvania.....regardless of the facts. First of all, although she was leading in the polls by over 22%, she won by 9.4%....not 'double digits' which sounds so much more like a blowout. Secondly, unless Hillary wins every remaining primary by 76% or more, it is absolutley mathematically impossible for her to catch Obama in the pledged delegate count. That's just a fact. Obama is leading in delegate count, number of states won and popular vote, even though now she has convinced some in the media to count the votes in Michigan and Florida to claim a lead in popular vote, although the fact is.....those states don't count.

While the media is dissecting the demographics, for some reason they keep leaving one verrrrry important statistic out of their breakdown. The Major Fact Is.....BILLARY HAS ALIENATED AND LOST THE ENTIRE BLACK VOTE ! Where's THAT fact ? And they have the gall to think that they can claim her to be more electable to superdelegates.......with close to zero black support......ARE THEY NUTS ???????? Hillary Clinton is the first democratic presidential nominee in modern day history to lose the entire black vote ! That, too, is a fact !


It is time for EVERYONE to contact the DNC and every superdelegate that we can trace and remind them that due to her own actions HILLARY HAS LOST THE ENTIRE BLACK VOTE ! How in the world could she and Bill have the nerve to claim more electabilty when they have lost an entire race of people....the very group that the Democratic Party has always been able to count on.



Call The DNC TODAY at 202-863-8000 or contact them at

This is in no way meant to be racial. We are all in this together....blacks, whites, young, old, rich and poor......working together for a better America. But the fact that Hillary Clinton (wife of 'The First Black President', who started this campaign with 82% of the black support)has lost the support of an entire race of not only pitiful.....but should be made....a very well known FACT !

(A Multi-Racial Organization...Dedicated To Truth !)