Friday, April 04, 2008

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The bloggers here at Mirror On America didn't choose to write anything formally about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

But, I believe we would be remiss if we didn't just offer our readers the opportunity to drop their thoughts and feelings on what Dr. King meant to them.

Dr. King died before I was born, so my viewpoint of him is always in historical context. I didn't get to know the real, complex Dr. King until I took a course in college on the writings of Dr. King. I was stunned by their depth. How this man was touched by powers beyond our grasp. He was a gift to Black America, then America, and finally the world.

I have written before that I believe Black Americans are the 'truest' Americans, because we're the only populace in this country that has FOUGHT FOR America - not just in terms of putting on the uniform, picking up a gun and fighting in its wars - we've done that, going back to the Revolutionary War.

No, we've FOUGHT FOR America to live up to its creed. To live up to its promise -IN ACTUALITY - and nobody is a better example of this than Dr. King. While his fight could be described as one ' for the Negro', in fact, Dr. King was trying to save America itself.

With the passage of the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, Dr. King achieved - legally - full citizenship for Black America. And, it only took nearly 200 years from the first gunshot fired in 1776.

But, he also understood the ECONOMIC component of all of this, and reading that about him made my esteem for him grow leaps and bounds, for that was the next step for him before he died.

He was 39 when he shot down at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, leaving a wife and four small children.


For me, I would like to thank him for the opportunities in life that I admit, I arrogantly usually don't think about twice. To say that I appreciate what he did, well, appreciate is such an inadequate word.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 15, 1929 - April 4, 1968


rikyrah said...

Text of Barack Obama's Speech on King

Anonymous said...



" There's no way America would vote for a black president !.....America's not ready for a black president." That has historically been the sentiment and attitude shared by the majority of blacks in America due in part to the fact that we have always been under the assumption that most whites are so prejudiced that a black president in America would just never happen. But one of the most incredible things that has arisen through Barack Obamas campaign has been the vision of mass numbers of white people at each of the Obama rallys showing great love and support for this credible, intelligent, gifted, strong leader....who happens to also be black. It has been incredibly eye-opening and uplifting, and it, for the first time, shows us blacks that we have actually been wrong in our assumption that most whites are prejudiced toward us. Guess what ? Although you do have the exceptions to the rule, the fact is....most whites ARE NOT racist toward blacks. This is a very important revelation. VERY !!!

We, as blacks have held on to our injured history, which we rightfully feel was caused by whites, to such a degree that we have never had the opportunity to see or learn that the prejudiced attitudes of whites does not exist today like it had in the past. We just didn't know. We knew that a lot of whites like black music. We knew that millions of white women love Oprah, but we thought that was just a 'woman thing'. But in all honesty, we had no idea, until now, that white people of all ages....even older ones...could be as supportive of a black candidate as they have shown in great mass. We, as blacks have been wrong !

And now, to my black brothers and sisters....It's time for us to acknowledge this extremely important revelation...In other words....all whites are not prejudiced !!! In fact, MOST whites aren't ! I know, it's hard to believe because of our lifetime of thinking differently....but these are the facts. Just look in the eyes of the whites at Obama's rallys. You see a true warmth, compassion and true support for this man....who is black. What this means is that most whites have risen above the racism of old. Now, it is time for us, as blacks, to rise up as well. Of course, we as blacks will have the specific cases of injustice and prejudice as displayed through examples like Jena 6, Genarlow Wilson, Katrina and the like....and specific cases like those should be dealt with accordingly. In regards to economic, educational and criminal injustices and institutional racism....we still have a long way to go. But we must not continue to allow certain negative occurances to misdirect our minds toward thinking that these negative examples speak for the entire white race. The majority of whites of today are actually on our side !

Obama's campaign has already won by proving that whites and blacks can not only get along....but can work TOGETHER....toward a better tomorrow...for us all. And guess what my black family....America IS ready !!!

Greg Jones

Anonymous said...

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