Tuesday, April 29, 2008

About this 'Electability' Memo....

Hat tip: reader at JJP

One very interesting poll came out yesterday. The new Rasmussen Poll.

Here is the eye-popper:

Among African-American voters, Obama dominates but Clinton attracts just 59% support



A Democrat, who, 6 months out, garners 59% of the most loyal base of the Democratic Party.

White 'Progressives' have been running around talking about ' unifying the party'. From this column at HuffingtonPost.com:

And, should Senator Clinton secure the nomination as the result of a floor fight at the convention (which her campaign admits is her only path to the nomination), that will only further promote the perception that this nomination is being stolen from America's first African American candidate with a real shot. If it goes that far, to the convention, there is only two months to repair the breach. A daunting task, indeed.

Everyone I've discussed this with who is white basically says the same thing -- wounds will heal, African Americans will come back.

This is in a word, DELUSIONAL.

You can take me at my word. Take Jim Clyburn at his word. Or, you can dismiss the chorus, growing across the Black Blogosphere, which is once again, being the canary in the mine on this issue.

I'll only state my own position:

I will not, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, vote for Hillary Clinton.

There was, once upon a time, when I would have held my nose and considered it. That time has long since passed.

I will NEVER become a 'complicit accomplice' in her race-baiting tactics by giving her my vote.

For me, it's about any future Black politician with aspirations higher than a gerrymandered Congressional Seat.

If she is allowed to STEAL this nomination from Obama, based upon a foundation of Dogwhistle Racial Politics, then she will be giving the blueprint by which ANY future Black politician will be taken out.

I'm not having any parts of that under any circumstances.

IF I voted for her AFTER SHE STEALS IT, then I, and every other Black voter who votes for her, would be saying that Black folk belong PERMANENTLY IN THE BACK OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY BUS.

I'm not having any parts of that either.

She is getting FIFTY-NINE PERCENT of the BASE of the Democratic Party.

And people actually are under the delusion that number would INCREASE AFTER SHE STEALS THE NOMINATION FROM OBAMA?

You must have lost your natural minds.


onix said...

agree completely:"

I will NEVER become a 'complicit accomplice' in her race-baiting tactics by giving her my vote"

Not seen put more clearly.
ideologically corrupted and bankrupt even before candidacy.

Let's not be pessimist, we still have obama and a chance of progress.
What do you think the rest of the world will do? We think of ur election circus and you poor people every day.

We would give up any hope for positive change from the us for years to come. Not only that, we will have to look forward to 4 more years of agression and repression.

I considered the coming elections hopeless and fraudulent beforehand,
anticipating this years agressive policys (that pretty much got no receipt anywhere in the world, except from other rightwing usurpers).

Usian people may still rise above this atmosphere of slander, checking procedings and results, by operating as a united opposition. We might have lived with a loss by the hands of the republican statemachinery and the prejudice of their likes.

Its harder to digest the betrayal of the ones that were supposed to be with us in a good cause.

Not that there are not plenty woman voters, not that i don't support woman, but am i supposed to like dirtthrowing as a form of government..?

well i don't even really belief hillary would fight mccain like she does obama. She'd blame her loss on the obama supporters.

i think she did it herself. Choosing between one racist or the other the world might even be easier of with the more obvious one.

Not that i look forward in any way to 4 years with that antique piece of antique thinking mccain represents.

Eeven Obama winning is nowhere a guarantee we can change the world, and things would be all that better, but it would give us a chance.

It is probably as essential the rest of the world could not conform to existing stereotypes, as it is, usia would not. However
don't think the rest of the world doesnt concern current international politics racist.
be sure we do, by the billions.

onix said...
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Andre said...

Nicely stated Rikyrah. As I've said before, I'd vote for non-legitimate candidates like Cynthia McKinney or Ralph Nader LONG before I'd support the Clinton camp. Hill's antics have been almost unforgivable.