Friday, October 01, 2010

Reagan Budget Director Basically Says Republican Pledge is a Joke - Trashes Idea of Permanent Tax Cuts for the Rich

Former Reagan Budget Director David Stockman tells the truth about the Republican Pledge to America in interview with NPR this past week. Although he also criticized Democrats (naturally). I think his suggestion that TARP was a complete waste/failure isn't quite correct.... especially since we now know that the final bill is far less than the hundreds of billions that had been anticipated.

But I love how he exposes the phony act that Republicans have been putting on regarding taxes and their economic proposals.


Jon Stewart's segment on the Republican's non-plan for the Country is classic! Same Republican BS.


Test Blog said...

As opposed to what ... the same democratic bullshit? Liberalism, as practiced by the current iteration of the D's is a failed concept. Nice in theory, but impratical because it doesn't take into account human behavior and motivation.

Fiscal conservatives have left the Republican party and become independents, the moderate Democrats have left and become independents.

The gratuitous bashing of the R's isn't productive. Please explain to me one country where socialism as envisioned by Pelosi et al has succeeded and achieved all of its goals and has a productive, vibrant, growing economy.

It doesn't exist.

Brian said...

I don't know what you call "socialism". Conservatives love to throw that term around pretty loosely, in most cases, without knowing what it means.

But if you are talking about nations that put more of a priority on investing in their own infrastructure, their own people, investing in their children, investing in education, investing in health, maintaining some sort of safety net system... most of those Countries are doing fine. Canada, nations of Scandinavia, (UK doing fine up until recently)....and they tend to have better outcomes than the U.S. in terms of education, infant mortality, health, quality of life, etc.... Even Canadian Conservatives see value in their health system.

The Repubs wasted over a trillion overseas over the past decade... and there was not so much as a whimper from Conservative demagogue's like Glenn Beck & the rest... But talk about investing in the middle class or even America's children, and it sends you all into a frenzy.

It's no coincidence that over that same decade when trillions were wasted (when you combine the wars and the tax cuts, the cost has been around 2 trillion), economists say that we experienced poor, lackluster growth... so bad in fact, that they call it "The Lost Decade".

If you want to go back to that, move to the rural poor Mississippi where the GOP is in control or rural Tennessee where Conservatives allow the homes of their fellow citizens to burn to the ground, because they are so vehemently against a collective tax system that they concocted a fee based service for public safety... in essence commercializing or privatizing public safety // the value of life, etc. Their motto..."tough shit for those who can't afford to pay the fee...".