Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Americans' misplaced trust in the GOP

Rasmussen polling reports that the public trusts the Republican Party to better handle eight of the ten issues considered most important by Americans. In Americans’ defense, perhaps this is one of the many polls suffering from sample bias because cell phone only households, which favor Democrats, are undersampled by the major polling outfits.

To paraphrase Jay Leno, “What are Americans thinking?”

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Anonymous said...

It could also be that Americans are feeling a severe lack of trust in the present-day Democratic party because it has shown that it is unable to act in a manner that U.S. citizens want. Either way, trusting either of these parties is a horrible miscalculation on the behalf of the voters. They should know neither past has done what they have said they would do in the past. Trusting the GOP over Democrats shows Americans may have not learned anything from the past.

Roderick said...

King, I am from Rankin County MS which is probably the most racist place in the country although it is prosperous.

Therefore you know why middle class and independent whites flock to the Republican Party when times get tough-familiarity.

Whites as a whole are very immature and have not experienced hardship like minorities therefore they are more susceptible when the GOP starts talking about Mom and apple pie which has morphed into guns, gays and God.