Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Oil Slick that is Charlie Crist

There is a reason why, this entire election season I have used the same refrain when it came to Charlie Crist.

I said that you'd pry this Senate Seat..

" from his COLD.DEAD.HANDS."

I meant it too, and I believe all of it...

from his refusal to drop out and become an ' independent', to his courting of the so-called this latest con game of ' Bill Clinton said that Kendrick Meek agreed to drop out. '


So, what do I read today?
Crist Adviser: He Would Caucus With The Dems In The Senate
Everyone knows that Republican Marco Rubio is ahead in the polls for the Florida Senate race, helped in part by a split in the anti-GOP vote between independent (and ex-GOPer) Charlie Crist and Democratic nominee Kendrick Meek. Crist has often refused to say for certain which party he would caucus with if he were elected. But as the Wall Street Journal an adviser to Crist says that he would caucus with the Dems if he were to win the election:

That's a big "if." Mr. Crist is trailing Republican candidate Marco Rubio in most polls. But the declaration by Florida trial lawyer John Morgan sheds light on one of the many mysteries in the Bill Clinton-Charlie Crist-Kendrick Meek imbroglio.

"Crist is going to caucus with the Democrats," Mr. Morgan said. "I don't think there's any ifs, ands or buts about it. It would be, in a very tight year, almost like a Democratic pickup in a solid Republican state."

This followed the recent story that former President Bill Clinton, who had supported Meek, attempted to get the Dem to drop out of the race and endorse Crist, who would reportedly then caucus as a Democrat.

Morgan told the Journal that the likelihood of Crist organizing as a Dem was unrelated to any potential deal, and Crist's campaign has denied that Crist ever agreed to caucus as a Dem as part of the Clinton-Meek maneuver.

Of course, this is probably all hypothetical. The TPM Poll Average currently gives Rubio 44.6%, Crist 30.2%, and Meek 19.6%.

I call absolute and utter bullshyt on this.

How convenient.

How convenient, the weekend before this election, this just happens to drop.


Some 'advisor' tells this?

Are you really falling for this bullshyt?

It is the weekend before the election, and still, you do not have CHARLIE CRIST


making a statement of any sort vowing to caucus with the Democratic Party.

If it was that important, why aren't the words coming out of Crist's mouth himself?


I think that the posters have figured most of this out.

The man got MARRIED for pete's sake.

And, you don't think the OIL SLICK was the one who leaked this to the press?

Come on, now.

And, for those who support the Oil Slick over Meek without any commitment from the Oil Slick are ridiculous and pathetic.

IF the GOP takes over the Senate, bet on this...Charlie Crist will say, ' I don't know you....' to those Democrats clamoring for Meek to drop out of the race. Just like this clown up above supposedly telling us that Crist will canvass with the Dems, if the GOP takes over, he'll say that ' former friend didn't know anything'.

Get real about Crist.


Citizen Ojo said...

Kendrick Meek has the personality of a loaf of bread. Maybe if Crist wasn't running and the other guy wasn't uttering Tea Party everytime he spoke the race would be closer??

Roderick said...

Let's just be honest. A lot of Democrats in Florida just aren't going to vote for a black man even is he is a Democrat.

I know that Crist is supposed to be a popular governor and all but with all of his flip-flopping on the issues and no commitment from Crist on which party he would caucus with (as if his word means anything) I don't understand why a Democrat would vote for him.

Citizen Ojo said...

Democrats are like the Republicans when it comes to winning. They just want to be win.. I guess they thought if they could get it with Crist that would work out for them.