Friday, September 03, 2010

What the Republican Tea Party Stands For

Americans have a clear choice to make in November. There should be no confusion about what they will be choosing. Many will be voting on alternatives to incumbents, some will be voting based on local issues... but it is clear that collectively, they will be turning back the clock.

What the Republican Tea Party Stands for/their Platform:

1. Pro-Big Business (big business over working people).

2. Against meaningful government regulation and oversight of private industry.

3. Anti-Tax (yet they love war and want their trash picked up on time every week and they want the police to respond quickly when they call).

4. Anti-Federal Government

5. Prefer States rights over Federal authority (code for allowing States to do as they wish regarding voting rights, discrimination/basic civil rights, worker rights, etc).

6. Anti-Women's Rights

7. Anti-Labor Rights

8. In Favor of merging religion with government (They would love a Christian Theocracy)

9. In favor of a large military and large defense industry, although they claim they want small government. (not only are they crazy/unaware of facts... but they are also confused.)

10. Pro-war

11. In Favor of Tax cuts for the rich.

12. Xenophobic

13. Identify with Southern Politics - sympathetic to the old Confederacy and would like to see some form of it restored.

14. View non-whites as a threat to "the real America". This is one of their core beliefs and fears. It is at the heart of their existence and it is why they view anyone who is different with suspicion.

15. Supporters of big oil.

16. Against unemployment benefits for those who are struggling to survive. They believe that Americans who are struggling are annoying whiners.

17. Against healthcare for children and hope to rollback S-chip...or kill the program altogether.

18. Support insurance companies (over people).

19. Against Healthcare reform...and would like to reverse/repeal reform legislation.

20. Would like to eliminate or privatize Social Security. If they can't eliminate it, they would at least like to see some of the money gambled on Wall Street like Casino chips.

21. Believe Tax cuts can solve all economic problems.

22. Fiercely anti-Obama and have a general animus towards minorities.

23. Anti-Mexican

24. They flirt with racism and they openly associate with racists and extremists. They do little to condemn racist behavior or purge racist members from their ranks. They will only do so when they are caught/exposed by the media.

25. Against Comprehensive Immigration Reform

26. Have blocked bills in the Senate that would provide assistance for small business.

27. Against progress for the nation - against embracing and pursuing advances in science, energy, medicine, education, etc.

28. Supports a future of obstruction, political gridlock & national stagnation.

29. Generally not in favor of civil rights, basic Constitutional protections, etc.

30. Generally against the Department of Education and many would like to eliminate that department altogether, as well as the Department of Labor and other useful government departments, agencies & resources.

31. Against financial industry regulation.

32. They are not in favor of investing in the nations future and creating jobs at home.

33. Anti-collectivism is core belief.

34. Claim to be fiscally responsible and concerned about debt, yet when President Obama attempted to create a bi-partisan national debt commission with teeth... with the full support & power of Congress, to finally put together a serious plan to reign in the debt... the Republicans blocked the effort. The President had to work around the obstructionism with an executive order.

35. Have a strong dislike for the Judicial branch of government, and would like to seek ways to undermine the Courts.... (some of the ways they like to do this include - withholding or constraining the funding that the Federal courts need in order to function -essentially bullying & controlling one of the 3 branches of government, blocking judicial nominees, pushing legislation that challenges the decisions of judges and longstanding legal precedent, threatening/intimidating judges, and launching anti-court campaigns through their Republican media apparatus to create a negative perception of Federal judges and the role of the Court system in an attempt to influence -for political purposes- an American public that they know is open for that kind of PR/media manipulation).

36. Deep down inside... many Republican/Tea Party Conservatives do not believe that Blacks, Hispanics or other non-whites are real Americans.

37. They are opposed to the very existence of the UN and they would push to limit or eliminate the U.S. portion of its funding. They are also opposed to many forms of international cooperation and would likely curtail many of the positive things that the U.S. does around the world.

38. They would like to eliminate the few social safety net programs that Americans have (if they could get away with it) - social programs that many poor white Americans benefit from, such as food stamps.

* This is the Republican Tea Party plan for America. This is essentially their platform. And this is what Americans will be voting for in November.... to turn back the clock... to turn the U.S. into Japan (or something worse). I think we might be lucky if we end up like a stagnant Japan. While progress is being blocked, the U.S. will continue to fall behind.... deflation fears will rise, jobs will continue to be hard to come by, economic growth will be flat, and this will actually require the Country to go deeper into debt much matter how much spending the Republicans try to cut.

When a platform like this can become a winning strategy for a political party, it is a sign of a nation in trouble. Whenever you can win the national argument with this kind of plan for the Country, it is an indication of just how distorted politics have perverted the media has become, and just how misguided American voters are. Americans are clearly responding positively to the Republican position. It is also an indication that Conservative media efforts to misinform and confuse the public have been extremely successful, which will embolden them to not only keep doing what they have been doing, but to ratchet it up to new levels of insanity. As long as Progressives have no answer for this kind of a strategy (and they don't....and don't plan to counter it... which is one of the core problems for Progressives) then this will be the trend for the next two decades.

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Brian said...

(Comment deleted)

If I am wrong or "lying" about any of the commentary here... provide evidence to back up your view. I won't debate with those who are completely uninformed about what the Hell is going on (I don't have the time or the patience). I also won't debate about settled, available, clear facts.

The commentary in this post has actually been strengthened with recent events. They have been proven correct and validated by events over the past year (now that the Republican Tea Party has had a chance to run the House).

What is really annoying is that their platform has been out there for a while now...and hasn't changed. Yet people act as if the GOP has great fresh ideas. Stupid Americans voted for these clowns in the 2010 midterms and it didn't end well for the Country. Now stupid Americans will have the exact same choice in 2012 and there is a good chance they will vote against their own best interests once again. For anyone who is informed & paying attention... the choice couldn't be more clear.

Unfortunately the GOP has brilliantly (via effective media campaigning) been able to convince enough stupid Americans that Obama & the Democrats are to blame for the crumbling of the U.S. economy. Democrats are completely inept when it comes to selling their brand and fighting lies & misinformation from the other side. (Wasn't there a leaked memo uncovered in the GOP that even said that they misinform on purpose?... ahh yes. Yet Democratic strategists still don't have a f____g clue). Democrats are completely ineffective and incapable when it comes to PR...and that just makes their chances that much slimmer.