Friday, September 03, 2010

Obama Wants To Ban Bullets? Another Republican Talking Point (Lie) Has Been Destroyed

Another Republican Right wing media talking point has been knocked down. I first heard about this one about two weeks ago when listening to one of the local Republican mouthpiece radio stations in St. Louis (yes I listen to them to entertain myself and to find out what kind of lies they are spewing). Republican radio stations and blogs were pushing the lie that the Obama administration was planning to ban lead in bullets as a backdoor way to ban guns or to interfere with gun rights. The claim (without the true context) was that the EPA, on its own, was considering ways to ban lead in bullets. The truth is... the EPA & the Obama administration were not involved in initiating an effort to ban guns through some backdoor plot. The fact is, the EPA conducted a review based on a formal petition from environmental groups. It was part of a normal process. But right wing media took that, twisted it around, and made it appear as if the EPA itself was pushing to have lead bullets banned. That was never the case. In fact, I knew all along that the EPA would have little jurisdiction to ban bullets. The result of the review? The EPA rejected the proposal.

Just another example of the nonsense put out by Conservatives.

Since Obama has actually been so quiet on guns since taking office, the right wing nuts have resorted to making up stories to fit their narrative.

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