Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Just Cause......LOL


Brian said...

lol @ rikyrah...

I hate Ebony magazine... but love the photo.

When I saw the photo a few days ago, I had to do a double-take. Seeing a Black man in that role will take some getting use to.

I know one thing, he's going to rewrite the rules when it comes to coolness and the Presidency. JFK was the last really "cool" President and he was the last one to test the bounderies & reset the bar. Obama is going to reset the bar again. He's already making a statement with those ties...and his suit cuts. Straight from GQ. If I had the money.... I could dress like that too. If I only had the money. We already have some of the same tastes in ties.... so I noticed that early.

The first time that Obama made me go "wth" was with that damn cowboy hat. Then it was the photo with the cigarette. Now this.

But of course, i'm jumping the gun a bit. Goliath hasn't been defeated yet.

From Lama Rangdrol said...

For my perspective on CNN's upcoming series Black America (July 23 & 24):

The Original Black Buddha