Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Giuliani Lies About Obama's Foreign Experience

And The Mainstream Media Lets Him Get Away With It

Rudy Giuliani claimed (while at a Yankees game a week ago with McBush) that Obama was making his "first" World trip. I saw the report from ABC late news....and my jaw hit the floor.... No challenge or correction from the MSM whatsoever. He was allowed to get away clean with that bold-faced lie. See quote.

Of course Rudy was lying his *** off. This ignores Obama's work (and travels) as a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senate Homeland Security Committee, as a co-sponsor of the WMD Proliferation and Threat Reduction Initiative which took him to Russia and to the Former Soviet Republics (see the Lugar-Obama Act), his trips to Kenya (both as a private citizen and as a Senator), and not to mention his time growing up overseas- in Indonesia... the Worlds largest Muslim nation by population. Obama also studied international politics in College.

The implication from 9/11 hero imposter Giuliani was that since Obama was not a prisoner of war like McCain, he is clueless about the World. But the fact is, Obama has a better understanding of the World than most American politicians.... something that he does not get enough credit for. This may be because such experience is not appreciated amongst most of the American electorate, who tend to have a more nationalist bent.

As a young man who spent several years growing up overseas, I can tell you that it gives you a different perspective on the World and makes you more aware of what is going on and more attentive to changing events.


Truthiz said...

The truth is, AI, I would've been spurprised if JILLiani DIDN'T lie his azz off about ALL things related to Obama.

I think it's pretty clear that, going back to Nixon_ and certainly since Reagan, the GOP strategy for "defeating" Democratic candidates was/is to LIE their azzez off about EVEYTHING, make sh*t up WHENEVER necessary and always, ALWAYS pretend that "Gawd and Country" comes first.

For decades, the U.S. "news" media has gone along with it for 2 primary reasons IMO:

1. Media owners and CEOs call the shots and they're in bed with the most Corrupt guys who run America.

2. Most so-called "news" journalists, polticial pundits, analysts, etc are as DUMB as box of rocks. Most of the time they have NO idea what they, themselves, are talking about_and they sure as h*ll have NO clue as to when they're being fed a bunch of BS by someone else!

It's the "American" way AI.

Truthiz said...

I meant to say that I would've been [surprised]....