Thursday, September 21, 2006

Jesus Camp Molding Next Generation of Christian Radicals


Listen to great interview with Author Michelle Goldberg about the rise of the Christian Nationalist movement. Click and save Mp3 to your computers.... The link will only be archived for about 1 year.


Right Wing Religious Conservatives are indoctrinating the next generation of Religious Right activists, hoping to steer them into politics & other parts of the Right wing establishment.

Their aim is to steer the U.S. more in the direction of a Conservative Christian State, where religion is officially merged with government/politics. They are already wrapping the flag around the cross. Constantinian Christianity is what it's called.

They (Christian Right activists & politicians) have also been reaching and influencing college age people with this kind of strategy. See one of my previous postings here about Patrick Henry College in the D.C. area... one of many colleges controlled or heavily influenced by the Radical Conservative Christian Movement.

The extremists in the Muslim world have the Madrassas where youngsters are brainwashed with hate, Israel (The Jewish Religious State) has their youngsters signing bombs used to kill babies of a different faith, and the U.S. has their version of this religious extremism.

This is bad for America in my opinion. If this is what the future looks like, then kill me now.
I'd rather be dead. An American (Christian) version of the religious madness that we see in the Muslim world, in Israel and other parts of the world would be a disaster.

Religious lunacy is unhealthy for the individual and for the nation as a whole..... It's bad for any country. And it doesn't matter what kind of package you wrap it in.... religious lunacy is religious lunacy.
This brand of radical religion has a way of stripping away almost all logical thought, leaving emotionalism in its place. Sensible thought and sanity are then lost. This is what makes this stuff so dangerous. Is this what America wants out of its future political, business and religious leaders? How about our future teachers and scholars? Can you imagine a future where certain doctors or hospitals won't help you because you're "not saved" or you are of a different faith? Americas Founding Fathers were terrified about this kind of Country emerging. This is why they crafted the government and its Constitution so carefully. They would be disappointed and concerned about the prospect of this kind of America.

You probably won't see the things I just described tomorrow when you wake up..... and you probably won't see it next month, next year, or even 5, 10, or 15 years from now. However, the U.S. seems to be slowly creeping towards this kind of nonsense. It's really not that far fetched and in historical may not be far off. Some of us could see the U.S. become a "Taliban" style country within our lifetimes (although not as severe as the Taliban in Afganistan....but a much lighter version of it).

I despise ALL forms of religious extremism..... This is one of the main things that hurts & divides civilization today. With all the wars that religion fuels, this is the last thing that we need.

I found a great commentary about "Jesus Camp" that basically expresses how I feel about the matter.

Also Check Video Preview of Jesus Camp Below....

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