Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hear How Halliburton Is Stealing Your Money

Listen to an interview with documentary film director Robert Greenwald. He discusses the role of documentary film in today's political climate and about his latest film examining war profiteering. Greenwalds latest film is "Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers".

When will the American people wake up to this madness? For Gods Sake... the Vice President ran this company before taking office and still has contact with it.

Not only is Halliburton and other private contractors stealing your money, but they have been putting their workers in uneccessary danger, and putting the U.S. mission at risk with their employment practices. Generals and troops are beginning to lose faith in these contractors and raise questions about what these companies are doing overseas.

There has been no oversight or supervision of these companies.... not from the Defense Department and not from the U.S. Congress.

Someone needs to go to jail for the crimes that have come to light. You will learn about some of this shady fraudulent activity here. It's unbelievable!!!

Listen to Interview Here. Click on the mp3 option and save to your computer.

Also watch recent Congressional Hearings on Halliburton and its thievery and mistreatment of workers. Here you will see reports from whistleblowers, former workers, and others who will bravely tell their stories. This is what you won't see from FOX News.

You will also hear from an attorney who has been trying to conduct a legitimate investigation for a civil lawsuit. However, his work has been blocked by barriers put up by Halliburton. Halliburton is built more like a mafia organization rather than a legitimate company.

Watch Video Here

Video is of a hearing from Senate Democratic Policy Committee held within the last week.


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