Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Radical Religious Conservatives Still Working Hard to Inject Religion Into Politics

The radical Conservative movement is coming up with new ways to inject religion into politics & policy. Part of their strategy involves grooming future generations of political leaders and making sure they have fundamentalist religious values. Patrick Henry college is part of a new rejuvinated effort, by fundamentalist Christian conservatives, to reach this goal. This is why the College was located in the Washington D.C. area... so that students can go right into politics upon leaving the institution.

The On Point Public radio program looks at Patrick Henry College and the real motives behind this new and dangerous (slippery slope) effort to link politics and religion.


From the On Point Website:

Patrick Henry College is a small school with big ambitions, and some would say out-sized influence. Its stated goal is to prepare Christian men and women to lead the nation and shape its culture with biblical values. It promotes strict interpretation of the Bible, which means science professors teach that creationism is both biblically true and consistent with observable fact. Patrick Henry College is dedicated to training a new generation of Christian politicians --and it's doing just that. Its students are among the nation's brightest -- with internships in the White House, with Republican politicians, and at conservative think-tanks. Hear about higher education for the Christian Right in the Evangelical Ivy League.


Listen to recent radio program about Patrick Henry College (click audio options at top of page)... very interesting. Gives great insight on what the Religious neo-Conservative movement is trying to do.

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