Monday, May 22, 2006


Great new documentary from PBS, titled "Can You Afford To Retire?"

View entire documentary online. Best viewed with RealPlayer option.

Documentary covers topics related to the financial pinch that many Americans are feeling and the lack of funds available for saving...and the lack of discipline that Americans have when it comes to putting money away. It also focuses on how corporations are getting over.

With the uncertainty about Social Security, and with the continued financial strain for the poor and middle class, the issue of retirement is becoming a bigger and bigger problem for Americans. Americans are in for a shock. The standard of living in this country is going to drop. Within the next 50 years, the U.S. will probably be another Russia- with citizens who have no pensions...or not enough money from pensions to retire with dignity.

In fact, we are reaching the end of the "retirement" era altogether. Most Americans will have to work all or most of their lives (well into their traditional retirement years) in order to survive.

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