Friday, February 10, 2006

Cold War Over? It Never Ended In My Opinion

1. Russia Selling Weapons to Syria
2. Russia Selling Weapons to Iran
3. Russia Selling Weapons to Venezuela
4. Russia Selling Weapons to China
5. Russia Selling Weapons to N. Korea
6. Russia Recognizing and offering to support Hamas- A group recognized by many in the Western world to be a terrorist organization.
7. Russia involved in skirmishes with neighbor Georgia, and Ukraine- both of which will be NATO countries very soon.... why the U.S. would want these unstable, volatile countries in NATO making it easier for a war to be sparked with Russia is beyond any logic.
Neither country (Ukraine or Georgia) offers anything significant to NATO in terms of military power. Both are insignificant on that basis, and both are very young, unstable nations. Both have skirmishes (including military skirmishes) with Russia on a regular basis. The U.S. is on a suicide mission. Of course, since the U.S. is not a democracy, the American people have no vote on this matter of expanding NATO. Most Americans don't even know what NATO is...yet it is their blood that is being mortgaged without their knowledge.

-- In the meantime, U.S. led NATO (The North Atlantic Treaty Organization)- the worlds most powerful defense treaty group, has been expanding at a record pace. NATO has added almost as many countries in the last 10 years, than the number of countries that existed in the organization in the previous 50 years.

The idea that the Cold War ended is a huge myth, spread by the U.S. government in order to avoid unsettling the nation. The reason that they make this claim is because they like to proclaim that the U.S. won. Many in this country mistakenly believe that the Cold War ended when the Soviet Union ended. This is false. Russia is still going strong, and still has thousands of nukes pointed this way. I have never believed that the Cold War ended. The fact is, it only went into an intermission (1990,91-1999). The Cold War (the same Cold War) is now intensifying again. How long will the U.S. lie about some cozy relationship that exists between the two countries? The list of Cold War activity that I listed above is just a small sampling. In 1999, the two countries almost went to war over Yugoslavia (The American public basically had no clue...typical of the people in this country). In the last 15 years, the two countries have come close to obliterating the planet with nuclear weapons, because both countries have hundreds of nuclear weapons on hair trigger status. This has happened once by George H.W. Bush, once by Bill Clinton, and once by Boris Yeltsin... each time, the alert was called off at the last moment).

If the Cold War ended as the U.S. claims, why is NATO expanding at such a furious rate? And I really want to know why the American people are not demanding a say in this matter?

Here is a recent NPR story about the so-called end of the Cold War. I don't really agree with the author who is interviewed for this story.

Now it is important to point out that these events in Russia are happening for a reason. They are being motivated by U.S. policies. Russia is taking these actions because we have antigonized Russia ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Instead of reaching out to Russia in a positive way, the U.S. has thumbed its nose at Russia, & humiliated the country at every opportunity. Russia is specifically responding to the expansion of NATO into its geographical territory. It is meeting with Hamas because the U.S. has recognized the radical Muslim Chechen fighters in Southern Russia, and have provided a platform for this group, despite Russia asking the U.S. not to do so. The Chechens are fighting for autonomy/independence, but they are also terrorists. Yet, the U.S. has been sympathetic to the group. Now it is Russia who is returning the favor.

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