Friday, April 09, 2010

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell Forgot About Slavery in Proclamation of Confederate History Month

I don't think he actually forgot. There is a tradition by some on the Right to leave slavery out as a core reason for the Civil War simply because they don't hold the view that Slavery was very important.

Nikki Giovanni gets to the point....

McDonnell knew exactly what he was doing. It wasn't an innocent mistake. It was classic Southern Strategy stuff. But when he started to notice a backlash... he tried to make amends.
Unfortunately, I don't see this as having much of an impact nationally. Stupid voters will still vote overwhelmingly Republican in the next two major election cycles, no matter what. If anything, this dust up makes McDonnell look like a more appealing candidate for White Conservatives if he has any national political ambitions. But stories like this do serve to show the mindset of those on the Right who are in leadership.

Like I mentioned on my Republican media page a year ago (see sidebar) there is this desire by some on the Right to re-establish some sort of new Confederacy in this Country... if not a physical one... definitely an ideological one.

Nice Huffpost commentary


Mikhail Silverwood said...

I think it would be wrong to suspect he did this out of some sinister plot: he was trying to rally up 'southern nationalism' and make the conservative southern states turn against the liberal north.
I don't think that's what he's doing because it's a dangerous subject to get into. Nazism doesn't get minimised when Hollocaust statistics get downplayed. He'd get caught out, denounced by all sides and lose his job. No politician is that stupid.

I suspect he's doing it for 'states' rights' reasons. To discuss the issues of the abolition of slavery is to acknowledge how the civil war was played out: slave-state statism versus non slave federalism.
Conservatives, for reasons too long to get into, hate the federal government and what it to have less and less powers; they need to denounce it at every corner.
The Civil War is an example of statism losing to federalism - which is a defeat that gets shoved right into the faces of the seccessionists and the ultra-right petty-bourgeoisie in the southern states.

Maybe I'm wrong, but that's how I accessed the situation.

Tychalla said...

Mikhail,once again you sound like a double agent.These roaches are able to exist because you and other go along to get along shyncophants like you will try to pretend that a lynching was not an act of hatred,because it made the white folk you worship,look bad.Even white people know This inbred governor is pandering to the lowest in the Republican party and the country.Then when they get called on their coward move they squeal states rights or any other jingo to distract us from the truth.No self respecting Jewish person would sell out to just be next to Pharaoh.I am glad we have lap monkeys like you around to tell what really goes on in the hearts of these gun worshiping prosimians.We don't want to accuse the good colored people loving white folk of anything ugly and as evil and foul as racism.

Mikhail Silverwood said...

As Michael Moore would say, The Republicans are smart; they know how the game is played; they know how to manipulate public opinion; they know how to convince good decent innocent people to adhere to hate-filled rightwing garbage.

If McDonnel deliberatley did this, then he's an idiot, but it's so bleedingly obvious. It was obviously get noticed, picked up, hurled around the blogosphere and everyone would attack him.

Surely McDonnel, if he were trying to be racist and 'southern nationalist,' would try something more subtle and less easy to notice?

Public manipulation is a complex, difficult and confusing thing to do, Tychalla.

We aren't living in the Soviet Union where public manipulation is as simply as Stalin editing photographs so that people 'disappear' from history.