Friday, April 30, 2010

Blacks and The Racial Litmus Test

It didn't take long for Black bloggers to show their ignorance once the photo of Sandra Bullock and her adopted son emerged this week....and I knew it wouldn't take long. As soon as I saw the photo I knew that certain people from the so-called "Black Community" would have something stupid to say. (No I won't link to their sites). But at least one suggested Bullock's adoption attempt was a possible publicity stunt. Another mentioned that special sensitivity training should be required for Whites... you know... gatekeeper nonsense. Basically, some just seemed annoyed that a Black baby had been adopted by a White woman.

Apparently the adoption isn't final.... but she is continuing with the process.
I'm all for it.

I lived in an abusive home from a toddler until I was about 11 years old. My bio mother (egg donor) was neglectful and was consumed by a world of alcohol, drugs and men. I wasn't at the top of the priority list. What kept me alive was my grandmother.... who was the only responsible adult in my life at the time. She basically raised me. And even then, I came close to death a couple of times. It was my father who saved me once and for all in the Winter of 1984, removing me from a St. Louis ghetto. Before that, I would have loved the idea of someone (ANYONE QUALIFIED) adopting me.... no matter what race they were.

Blacks (at least some of them) are being hypocrites on this.... ignorant hypocrites to be exact. If Black women were not having children out of wedlock at such high rates....or having children that they could not care for, then there wouldn't be such a big need for trans-racial adoption in the first place. But they don't want to talk about that. They also don't want to mention the fact that Black children are over-represented in Foster care systems across the Country. The fact is.... there are not enough Blacks stepping up to take care of their own children. Nor are there enough (qualified) Blacks stepping up to adopt Black children once they are in the social services system. But rather than wrestle with reality... (at least some) Blacks would rather criticize those who are willing and able to adopt.

I'm tired of the Black litmus tests. They annoy me to no end.

I'm tired of the color based litmus tests for relationships, adoptions, Supreme Court justices, Congressional districts, and the rest. Don't get me wrong... I love it when an African American reaches high office or achieves an important milestone... but is it necessary for Blacks to create a racial test for every situation?


rikyrah said...

I'm not for interracial adoption, but I would NEVER EVER say that a Black child is better off in ' the system' than with a loving White family.


The Angry Independent said...

Why wouldn't you be for it? (And I could have sworn you did a post indicating that you generally supported it).

I just don't understand that position.

rikyrah said...

I don't prefer it - the optimum choice would be for Black children to be with loving Black families. but, I'm not strident enough to believe these children belong in 'THE SYSTEM' over being with a White family.

Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY support interracial adoption. Multiple studies have shown Black boys are the least desired of children when it comes to adoption. Even black parents would prefer to adopt black girls than boys. Black boys spend the longest in foster care and are more likely to age out of the system then be adopted. Blacks children are on 15% of the population and represent 30% of children in foster care and 30% of the available children waiting to be adopted. And I tire of the "they need to learn their culture" argument. As if bouncing around from foster home to foster home is teaching them "Black" culture. When black boys become as desirable as white babies of any gender or even Hispanic babies then I'll start opposing interracial adoption. Until then, Go Sandy!!!