Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tea Party Leader Mark Williams Compares the Election of Barack Obama to 9/11 and AIDS

But i'm sure he meant well. Just another innocent comment.

Of course hate/race is one of the core issues driving the Tea Party (as I have pointed out here numerous times..... see a nice Jack & Jill politics post from April of last year). It's ridiculous to continue arguing about that fact. What annoys me is that not enough of these jackasses are willing to admit it. I would just like to see them own up to it.

They are using the Tea Party as a cover for what's really bothering them. They claim that they are concerned about big government, government overreach/limited government, government spending, etc...and that these are their main/core concerns above all else. But if that were the case, then why were they silent during the Bush years, when there was massive government overreach...overreach that was so bad that it had to be corrected a number of times by the courts, and when spending and deficits went through the roof? This argument from the Tea Party folks just doesn't work. It makes no sense. Racial animus and xenophobia plays a much larger role in this Republican Conservative movement than what many people, especially supporters of the Tea Party, care to admit.

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