Friday, April 02, 2010

Philly Police Chief Charles Ramsey Fed Up

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey has message for parents after rioting last week involving thousands of youth.

I wish Arne Duncan could be forced to hear Ramsey's Press Conference replayed 1000 times. (would that be enough to deprogram Duncan? Might be considered torture by the Obama Administration....hmmm). But the fact is....Ramsey has it right.

This video features a "community activist" who was critical of Ramsey's comments. There is always a band of these "community activist" apologists in every big city across the Country - Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Baltimore, NYC, Memphis, Oakland, D.C., everywhere... They annoy me to no end. I tried to find an unedited video of his Press Conference...but this was unfortunately the best I could find.


rikyrah said...

there's a video up on HuffingtonPost on a shooting. the police were dealing with the first group of shootings...THEY BEGAN SHOOTING AGAIN..


rikyrah said...

Ramsey is on point. totally on point.