Monday, April 05, 2010

Both Sides of The Loop: April 4, 2010

Check out the Both Sides of the Loop podcast. In this edition of Both Sides of The Loop Marvin King and Lenny McAllister discuss the March employment figures, black unemployment and why Artur Davis of Alabama didn't support health care reform.

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The Angry Independent said...

Your analysis was on target. Obama understands that he can't be seen as being disproportionately concerned about "Black unemployment". But there are still a lot of things that he could do in terms of policy that could be helpful, such as aggressive class based initiatives for the working poor. I'm o.k. with the "raising all boats" approach... but he isn't doing nearly enough to raise anything. And some people don't have boats to raise.

And Artur Davis.... he has shown that he is willing to sell his soul for a few votes. Does he really believe that he can get significant white support in Alabama in a Statewide election? Yes, Virginians did it 20 years ago.... so it's possible for a Black candidate to win in the South....but it's rare. And Virginia, as backwards as it still is today... isn't exactly Alabama.

Sometimes you have to stand for something... and if you are a Progressive... you should stand by basic principles. You shouldn't suddenly turn Republican on such a core issue. Did he think he could do this without anyone noticing?

Davis is just another CBC politician. There are very few in the CBC who I respect... I put them in the same category as used car salesmen and con-artists.... it's how I generally view all politicians.