Friday, February 06, 2009

Folks, time to call your Congressman and Senator

From Micheline


Is it possible to do a post on the necessity for people to call their senators in support of President Obama's stimulus package. Rush Limbaugh's dittoheads are tying up the phones.

So, our favorite racist junkie radio host is telling his knuckledraggers to call Congress.

Well, YOU can call Congress too. And, you can send an email blast to everyone you know to call Congress.

The junkie gets $100 million to spew his hate, so he doesn't give a rat's ass if this country goes down the tubes. And, his audience....well, ignorance is ignorance.

So, everyone out here knows someone who is hurting. Someone who would be helped by this Stimulus package. It's part of that continued involvement that our President and First Lady discussed always on the campaign trail.

A phone call isn't that hard.

Here is the site for Congress. Just find your Representative up top to get their number.

Here is the site for the Senate. This is the link to the page where all the Senators and their phone numbers are listed.

If you can fax, do that too.

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The Angry Independent said...

1. To be honest with you... I was not in favor of the original package. Too much wasteful spending...spending not being directed towards sustainable job creation.

2. It's really no longer Obama's stimulus package. It's constantly being changed so that enough Senators will support it. The Senate and the House have taken out and replaced several proposals.

3. From what I can see... the package is going through the normal evolution. "A BILL" Will likely be passed and signed into law within the next 2-3 weeks. It just might not be what the Democrats originally tried to get through. Don't be surprised if the first Senate vote fails.

Over the last few days there has been a group of moderate Senators (Republicans and Democrats) who have been trying to rework the package.

There is really no danger of nothing being done. Limbaugh is attempting to be relevant...and is attempting to apply pressure so that Conservatives can get as many concessions as possible. Actually stopping ANY bill from passing is really not Limbaugh's goal... because as I mentioned... SOMETHING will pass...and there is nothing that he can do to stop it. The wrangling right now has to do with concessions.

So I don't think we have to panic regarding the package.

And I actually think it's good that the bill is being reworked... debated a little longer, etc. Because the original package was not a very good one.