Friday, February 06, 2009

Daschle, Taxes, and the Washington DC Culture

NPR's On Point Radio had a great discussion this week on Daschle and the chorus of other Obama Cabinet choices who have run into Tax problems or are having other ethical issues. The panel talks about the culture of Washington elitism and corruption...and how entrenched money and lobbying have become.

They basically support what I stated earlier in comments regarding Daschle and Obama's decision to choose these familiar faces. Several of Obama's Cabinet choices don't quite fit with the message of "change". Since many of these people are DC and Wall Street insiders, Obama should not have been surprised about these kinds of issues popping up. Even more annoying is that Daschle apparently knew about the Tax issue for a while. Perhaps he failed to disclose everything...or perhaps Obama was "hoping" that Daschle would be confirmed anyway.

This gives the impression that Obama is o.k. with the double standard - one set of rules for ordinary folks, and a separate set of rules for the rich and powerful. Obama had to have known about some of these issues before he even nominated Geithner and Daschle.

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Andre said...

Dude, I've all but given up on the "Change" thing. The first month of the Obama administration has already put that notion to rest. Now, I think I'm simply reverting back to my "Thank God, we've got somebody other than Bush" phase.