Wednesday, October 08, 2008

What to do about Cindy? Ignore her

This is for Craig Hickman, who was upset at what he thought was the call of the White Woman to incite.


October 8, 2008
Cindy McCain attacks.....
Don't be fooled by Cindy McCain's over the top attacks on Barack Obama the last 2 days over his character, love for the country, love for the military, etc. The candidates said early on the spouses were off-limits, but this is an effort for Cindy McCain to make outrageous claims so we attack her for her drug use and wealth so the McCain campaign can attack Michelle Obama and her Americanness, blackness, radicalness and drive a wedge between her and white people. Don't be fooled.

I understand where Brother Craig has his concerns. McCain's Choice and the Pill Poppin' Piece-On-The-Side are putting out calls that got the ancestors swung from trees. Just asking all of us to step back, because I know I was about to post something not-so-nice when I read this.

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I am not Star Jones said...

Good point. It's better to pray for her when she has to deal with a bitter pissed off John Cotton Hill McCain when he loses.