Sunday, October 05, 2008

Well, hello Charles Keating!! Obama's got game!

Folks have been running around as Senator Country Last has been posturing about this ' so-called' honor of his.

Why isn't Obama hitting on this? Why isn't Obama hitting on that?

So, as we get indications from Senator Country Last that his campaign is about to go Birth of a Nation-2008, up in here, we wondered where is the Obama response?

Well, here it is:


You can find downloadable documents and other useful information at the above website (homepage for the documentary). Watch the full 13 minute video below.


Who Were The Keating Five? See here.

And, here are two other sites for reference:


2. John McCain and Sarah Palin - bought and sold to you by lobbyists


The Angry Independent said...

These 3 websites should have been up and running weeks ago.... this is what I had been yelling about!

Better late than never though.

How can we distrubute these links?

I will put them in the sidebar...

I can do an Afrosphere blast...but the people who need to see these links don't necessarily read the sites of Black bloggers.

Hopefully Obama has this on the front page of his main website...

I will do what I can...

Spread these links around!!!!

We need to take this neighbor to neighbor internet style (on steroids)... lol.

I have been suffering from migraine attacks for the past 3 days straight... finally got it to stop today. (I get these attacks often). Hearing about Palin's terrorist bull---- (which CNN smacked down at least partially) almost brought the headaches back again.

Why isn't the media hitting back at her for her AIP anti-American separatist organization.... why does she get a pass?

What about her pastors affiliation with a group that is considered anti-Jewish/anti-semetic by just about every major jewish religious organization? I've posted on this before... but it's time for the major media to pick this up.

Obama's staff should have already been on this stuff... they are way too soft. He needs some cut-throats
on his team...unfortunately there are times when you need ruthless people.... usually when you have ruthless opponents who don't play by the rules, have no respect for anyone outside of their ideological circle, and who will do absolutely anything to win.

Truthiz said...

"Obama’s got game” pretty much sums it up.

And with the Dow _and now global markets_seeing drops across the boards, I’d say NOW is perfect time to bring the KeatingFive S&L scandal_meaning McSenile’s prominent role in all that mess_to the attention of the American people.

McSenile is trying desperately to distract from the current economic calamity unfolding. But as they say, "Timing is everything”. Americans ain't in NO mood for distractions, LIES and gimmicks. They're worried, afraid, feeling helpless and Angry_and they want REAL solutions NOW!

By presenting the KeatingFive and other related info now, Barack is striking while things appear to be a real tipping point in his favor!

Americans can make an informed decision as to whether McSenile is the one to trust to address the multitude of problems we now face?!

All things considered, Barack’s strategy appears to be benefiting him greatly.

BTW: I've seen this info displayed front and center on other major sites_so the word is getting out.

rikyrah said...


He waited until, as McCain put it, ' he didn't have any choice'.

Someone reminded me that Obama had told McCain:

You better stop lying about my record, or it will force me to tell the truth about YOURS.

rikyrah said...

Keating is a blowback that also puts the focus back on THE ECONOMY.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that Obama finally went there on McCain. I think that Obama's attack won't reflect on him as negatively as McCain's attacks because the Keating 5 is relevant given the current state of the economy and the similarity of the S&L crisis and the current financial crisis.

The DOW continuing to drop was the worst thing that could happen to McCain, it keeps the economy front page news. Which makes his Ayers and Rev Wright attacks look more desperate.

I hope Obama brings it up during the debate tomorrow, McCain's gonna shit his Depends.