Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Changing Electoral Map

Quick note... take a look at the Dave Leip page which is on the sidebar (something you should be doing everyday anyway). For those who have not checked in a while... the changes are eye popping.

I knew that Obama was up in polls...and I was aware of the States he was gaining in (i'm a bit of an egg head when it comes to this stuff). But when you see it on the map, it puts it in a different perspective. To put it plainly, things are caving in on McCain. Obama has consolidated support in so-called "Blue States", and now he is going into Red and Purple States....

And if you slide over to you will see Obama's trend lines shooting straight up. How many times have we seen this? We have seen this time and time again.... a few weeks before an election, Obama's trend lines take off like a rocket. We saw the same thing in the Primaries. Although this time, Obama had a little help... but who cares... I just want to see a nice win on November 4th. The bigger the margin... the lesser the chance that Republican operatives will attempt to steal the election. If it's 270, 280 and it's down to one or two States... I can guarantee you, there will be some sort of legal challenge with trumped up allegations... it never fails. But if Obama's win is convincing enough, then there will be nothing that Karl Rove & Co. can do.

I have a feeling that the polls will tighten as we get closer to the election (but I hope i'm completely wrong on that and Obama widens his lead). But I just think that McCain will intensify the negative attacks between now and November, in an attempt to salvage his Campaign. Hopefully Obama can hold on...and maintain a nice lead going into election day.

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