Monday, January 28, 2008

Temporarily Out Of Commission

Under the Weather

I have come down with something terrible.

I think this might be the Plague. Whatever it is... it is merciless.
Can't even go to the ER... that would cost me $250.00. I live in the world of Bull---- healthcare coverage.

Anyway... I will be blogging light (and maybe not at all) for the rest of the week.


rikyrah said...


You get better. You nurse yourself. That's the most important thing. :)

Woman in Transition said...

This is my first time posting here (although I've been trolling your blog for some time) and I hate that it's in response to your being under the weather. But I encourage you to seek professional medical treatment if you don't feel better in 7 days. I used to have bull$hit health insurance, too, with a huge deductible, so I know how it is. But thankfully the hospital will let you pay a little each month until the bill is satisfied. Your life is worth far more than the $250 it would cost to visit the ER.

Angie said...

AI, I hope you feel better. Like Rikyrah said, nurse yourself, get some rest, and take it easy.

I completely understand how the rising prices of health care can make you decide not to get the medical care that you need. Yesterday, I was completely turned off when I had to see a specialist for my eye problem. I had to pay a $30 copay. I took a deep breath, sighed, rolled my eyes, and then paid the bill. Yes, I knew I needed to see the doctor. But I really couldn't afford the copay.

I was really annoyed when the doctor told me that she needed to see me in two weeks to follow up. And on top of that, she refered me to another specialist. So at least in the next 2 weeks, I will have to come off another $60 to see the docs, docs that will only spend 10 minutes with you, on top of that.

Well, that's my nickel on the matter. And as I said, I hope you feel better.


Nuvision for a Nuday

Liberal Arts Dude said...

Hope you feel better soon AI!

The Angry Independent said...

Thanks Rikyrah...Woman in Transition, Angie, Lib. Arts.

Still recuperating.

I went to work earlier this week...just to miss it the next day. Now I will be going back today.

I don't have a real job unfortunately. Which probably has something to do with why i'm pissed off 24 hours a day (even in my sleep).
But point is...I will have to work while sick.

Apparently St. Louis had an epidemic of Flu cases... and I was one of em.

With my "Pray I Don't Get Sick" insurance, I am lucky that I am relatively healthy...and didn't have other complications.

I thought I was going to die for a minute....
This seemed to be an aggressive strain of flu.

Angie of Nuvision said...

AI, I came by here and wished you well wishes to get better. And when I tell you that aggressive flu that you mentioned knocked me completely off my feet Friday. I had never had the flu before. And I was certainly not prepared for this monster version of it. I was one of hundreds of folks in Houston that were victims of that terrible virus. Like you, I thought that I was going to die a couple times this weekend.

I'm back at work today. I know I shouldn't be. But oh well...

I still wish you the best. BTW: Don't be angry all the time. **smile**



The Angry Independent said...


I hope you feel better soon. I'm still recovering.

Your immune system works overtime and drains your energy with this kind of aggressive flu.

And i'm always going to be angry.
As a Black man in America, there is no other way for me to be. I don't have anything to be happy about at the moment. The only thing that changes is the degree of anger.