Monday, January 28, 2008

A Discussion With Dr. Cornel West

Dr. Cornel West talked about American society, race, politics and class, at a recent event hosted by the New York Times. He was interviewed by columnist Frank Rich.

This event took place earlier this month, and was part of the New York Times Arts and Leisure Weekend, held at The Times Center. The program runs for approximately 1 hour.

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I'm not too happy with Dr. West's recent efforts to fraternize with organizations like BET and the rest of the Black elite. These are organizations that have not been working in the best interests of Black Americans....not even in the interests of helping the image of Black Americans. This is interesting considering the fact that Dr. West is known for his criticism of the likes of BET.

He has gone down several notches on my list of the few major Black figures and scholars who I respect. But (as of right now) he is still someone who I enjoy listening to. He is one of the few major Black figures who is offering a positive, thoughtful message about the issues that the Country faces, and especially the issues facing Black Americans.


Wanda said...

Dr. West has some great ideas, but I think he is of a different age of "civil rights leaders", whom now are revelling in being honored or awarded praise for thier ideas. It seems, like many of these leaders, he really likes to hear himself talk, often with no point. Personally it turns me off.

MNC said...

I read Dr. West's involvement with BET as his way of reaching a wider audience and trying to bridge the academic/regular folks gap.

It seems like a desperate move, but desperate times right?

I don't know-maybe he just is okey-doke, but I'd love to believe that there's a method to the madness of a brilliant man such as himself.

Constructive Feedback said...


I thought that it would be his generally flawed set of ideas on economics and social policy that would have knocked him down a few notches. This is what keeps him off of my list. Maybe I'm just different.