Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Kucinich Was Excluded from Nevada Debate Afterall

I had a feeling that this was going to happen. At the last minute, NBC appealed a lower Court judges ruling that Kucinich should be included in last nights debate. Just a few hours before the debate was to begin, the Nevada Supreme Court ruled in favor of NBC, which wanted Kucinich out of the way.

The other candidates, especially Hillary Clinton, were scared to death about the prospect of having Kucinich in the debate. I may have spoken too soon when I suggested that Clinton had not yet bought the State of Nevada. Clinton already has the mainstream media on her side (which is how she gained her frontrunner status) and has been their favorite all along. Look at the lengths that NBC and Clinton's minions were willing to go through to keep this man out of the debate. Unbelievable!

Kucinich tried to use the Civil Courts to get a temporary restraining order preventing NBC's effort to exclude him, but he ran out of time. Read up on how they hustled him out of the debate. Folks... I predicted this kind of nonsense before the campaign season even started. It's the same thing every 4 years.

Just another episode in America's False Democracy. If you thought that you lived in a free Country with an electoral system that is truly free & fair, then you thought wrong.

And the debate itself was pretty much recycled from many of the previous events. The moderators spent the first 45 minutes talking about trivial nonsense, attempting to fan the flames between the candidates in an effort to boost their ratings. I can understand one or perhaps even two questions...and then let's move on. But these hosts just didn't want to leave the subject alone. They didn't touch on any of the important issues that Americans are concerned about in the first hour or so of the debate.

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Anonymous said...

It is amusing that the United States is preaching about democracy and fair election to countries such as Iran, Iraq, N. Korea, yet it does not practice them at home. In this country the politicians are in bed with big money business men. They scrub each other back, and set agendas to rule the nation. Now that all the mainstream media, TV, cable news, radio, newspapers, are own by few mega coorporations. They have enough money and power to silent the voices of their oppositions, voices from the grass root/upstarters, and manipulate the national policies. People in this country are just like cattles, herded around, but foolishly thinking that they are free thinkers, fighting, dividing among themselves.

I hope that I am not the only person who want to hear an alternative voice. The argument to exclude a candidate based on popularity (or % of premilinary votes) is unfounded. If the media is not willing to carry their messages then the messages can not be heard, and thus it effects the candidate's popularity. The whole situation is like "the chicken and the eggs".

libhom said...

I now know to stop watching MSNBC. They allowed the corporate interests of their owners to corrupt the process by which they held a debate.